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Details: One of the four new mutant types is psionic. Psionics have enhanced mental abilities.'s psionic subtypes: telepathic (mind readers), telekinetic (able to move objects with the mind), telempathic (able to read and adjust emotions), precog (able to see future events), illusionist (projects unreal visuals or attitudes).

On the Mutant X team, Emma deLauro began as a telempathic psionic and diversified as the series progressed. As a telempath, Emma was able to read the emotions of others and project images/emotions into their minds. Emma would later demonstrate other psionic abilities as well: broadband telempathy, telepathy, memory enhancement and erasure, psionic blasts that rendered the recipient unconscious, and mind control. More about Emma deLauro is here.

Other psionics who have appeared in the series: Telekinetic Frank Thorne, telepath/ESPer Ruby Bishop, telekinetic Allison Turner, telekinetic Steven Benedict, telekinetic Daniel Benedict, telekinetic Toni Quintana, telepath Lisa Valentine, new mutant detector Maria, telecyber Michelle Bigelow, memory erasure Marc Griffin, projecting x-ray vision Zack Lockhart, telempath/illusionist Henry Voight, combustion (microwaves) Harvey Lanchester, telekinetic Morgan Fortier, illusionist Levak Ivanov, precog Tyler Ryan, telepath Sam Raymond, telekinetic Eckhart's accomplice, telepath Marika, telepath Andrea Marshall, illusionist Johnny Cummings, cybernetic William Dennett, telekinetic Charles Carter, telempath Dr. Olivia Robinson, telepath Riley Morgan, precog John Bishop.

From the bulletin boards for psionics, found on Tribune Entertainment's former My Friend's Bookstore website: The Tell-Tale Heart
Being Psionics, we don't need to speak much. However, there is much more to convey. Pass on your thoughts, verbally or otherwise. All will be received.

Every new idea is an old dream.

Even a Precog cannot predict love.

TO S.W.: "Read your mind. It needs editing." J.B.

Any telepaths interested in Taos retreat check out Homer's "The Odyssey" for travel arrangements. You already know the dates.

Pyrotechnics always have a light.

Illusionists are often lonely souls.

Empaths need a break from stray heartbreaks and random rage? Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" provides sound advice from wise caterpillars to help you sort it out.

Levitation isn't all sets off to be. Stay grounded.

I met a man who read my mind, yet never knew my face.

TO H.H.: "See you at you-know-where for you-know-what on you-know-when." FROM: You-Know-Who.

Telekinetics: Gaining weight because you don't need your muscles? The Mutant X exercise programs in Hemingway's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (actually, in any Hemingway title) will keep
you in shape.

Is it love or is that just a gun in your pocket? If you don't wish to know, don't empath.

TO J.G.: "***************" FROM: M.R.

I sensed Joy. It was not mild on my hands.

To all Cyberpaths: Remember to unplug and do the flesh-and-blood thing occasionally.

Telepaths give good mind.

She wasn't a saint. She was just psionic.

Telekinetics never need keys…but the good ones use them any way.

Remember the fallen. Check out Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind". (Was Scarlett O'Hara a Precog? "Tomorrow is another day.")

Blind dates never blind enough, telepaths? Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" can help keep the mystery in Psionic romance.

For Astral Projectors there is never an edge.

I don't see, I know. I don't know, I feel. I don't feel…I'm dead.

Meditation always applies. Don't get sloppy, Joe.

Got it bad? You could always be Feral.

CLOSING NOTE: Great minds are rare. Try reading a good book. Peace.

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