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Pushka H5B7

The Pushka H5B7.

First Appearance: "Russian Roulette."

Details: The Pushka H5B7 was developed by Sonya Barovsky's Russian father in the 1980's to detect and neutralize new mutants. After deactivating their mutant abilities, the particle beam caused disintegration of their organs. It also had the ability to reverse the neutralization process when the proper code was keyed in.

A security notice from Tribune Entertainment's former website: Effective immediately any tests, plans or mention of the device known as the Pushka H5B7 are to be terminated without question. All revision designs and schematics will be handed over to department heads for permanent disposal. Anyone failing to comply in these actions will face a similar experience with their own employment. Computers are to be expunged of any records pertaining to the flawed apparatus. (CODE: OBIT) Forthwith, all references to Pushka H5B7 in document or discussion will result in instant castigation. This policy also applies to the Pushka's advocate, Sonya Barovsky, whose guest consultant status at all Genomex facilities has been revoked. Any communication with Ms. Barovsky or her associate, Yuri Pogrebin, will be considered a serious infraction against the agency and punishable at the highest level. The exception is, of course, the GSA who have been directed to locate and apprehend the Russian pair within the earliest possible time frame. Any assistance they require in their search will be cleared through my office and relegated on a need-to-know basis. The Pushka H5B7 failed to perform its designed function of tracking and neutralizing mutant DNA. This disappointment nails the lid shut on consideration for any similar piece of equipment developed outside the Genomex arena. Let it serve as a warning to all sections dealing with foreign input before they present future ideas. Of all resources, time is one I refuse to waste and will not do so without swift and appropriate reprisal. The sooner this policy is absorbed, the less a cause for occupational vacancy.

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