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Quintana, Toni

Toni Quintana -- Played by Reagan Pasternak

Toni Quintana.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic).

First Appearance: "In the Presence of Mine Enemies."

Quote: Toni: How come you never told me how much subdermal governors itch?
Jesse: Toni?!
Toni: Any other girlfriends being held prisoner by the GSA?

Details: A former criminal associate of Brennan Mulwray's, expert computer hacker Toni had given up her criminal past to date Jesse Kilmartin and open The Data Dive, a coffee/internet bar. Shortly after Toni successfully hacked into Sanctuary's sophisticated computer system via a picture file she sent Jesse, GS agent Kendra MacEvoy kidnapped her by pretending to be her friend. Kendra cleaned out the Data Dive and forced Toni to create a GSA-controllable version of Proxy Blue. Toni was able to keep Kendra from finding the disk which contained Sanctuary's access codes long enough to be rescued by Mutant X. After upgrading Sanctuary's computer security, Toni disappeared into the new mutant underground.

From Adam's diary on Tribune Entertainment's Mutant X Lives website: TONI QUINTANA - I must say I am not all that disappointed Ms. Quintana is on her way via the Underground Railroad. Her talent for computer hacking combined with a heated curiosity and telekinetics made her a liability to our security. Are all of Brennan’s associates this shady? I must speak to him about it. Of course, Jesse will suffer the most now that Toni is gone. She was his first passionate romance. Being young and separated from love is a pang I too have experienced. Perhaps I need to be more of a big brother to him than a mentor to him…until the next Juliet comes along.

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