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Randall, "The Corporal" Clark

Clark Randall -- Played by Anthone Tullo

Clark Randall, a.k.a. "The Corporal".

Mutant Type: Feral (Feline).

First Appearance: "Dark Star Rising."

Quote: Clark: "Leave me. You know I'm dying."
Angel: "No one gets left behind."
Beau: "We protect our own. No matter the cost."

Details: Clark "The Corporal" Randall was one of 14 members of the elite antiterrorist task force Dark Star. When Tricorp Botanicals and Genomex injected the squad's members with an experimental Rafflesia pricei extract to enhance their fighting abilities with feral attributes, only Clark, Beau Longstreet and Angel Dorn survived the drug's lethal side effects. Their vengeance plot to plant a bomb at Tricorp headquarters was foiled by Shalimar Fox, and Clark succumbed to the drug's toxic effects shortly thereafter. After Adam Kane was able to stabilize Angel Dorn's DNA, Angel and Beau buried Clark with fond, honorable hit counter
Tags: mutant x bible
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