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Raymond, Sam "The Reader"

Sam Raymond -- Played by Lawrence Bayne

Sam "The Reader" Raymond.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Telempath).

First Appearance: "Once Around."

Quote: Raymond: "Martin. Have you looked around Vic’s hotel room?"
Martin: "Nothing so far."
Raymond: "Do me a favor. Give it another once over while I’m on the phone. Ah, see that photograph by the edge of the bed? Pick it up."
Martin: "Boss, you’re freaking me out."

Details: Psionic Sam "The Reader" Raymond was a murderer with the ability to tune into the senses of people he had touched. He had managed to evade trial for 10 years before his accountant, Vic Collaruso, reluctantly agreed to testify against him. Sam established a connection with Vic’s lawyer, Ronald Silverman, during a handshake. Sam then used Ronald’s eyes and ears to spy on and stay one step ahead of Mutant X’s efforts to protect Vic from his thugs. As Martin, one of Sam’s flunkies, searched Vic’s home, Sam saw a picture of Vic’s girlfriend Claudia Manfred through his eyes and ordered Martin to kidnap her for leverage. Emma deLauro had warned Adam Kane about Sam’s psionic potential, so Mutant X fooled Sam by altering Jesse Kilmartin’s face and voice to resemble Vic’s. Jesse phased Claudia out of her captors’ room, saving her in time for Vic to testify against Sam.

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