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Reed, Carla

Carla Reed -- Played by Melinda Deines

Carla Reed.

First Appearance: "Body and Soul."

Quote: Carla: "What about the rumors that this research might have created people with superhuman abilities and powers?"
Adam: "Rumors? Look, in science we don’t work from rumors. I hope the news works the same way."

Details: WXTY reporter Carla Reed and her cameraman Vic Morelli caught Dr. Dennis Malone’s murder on film after interviewing him at a genetics conference. Intrigued by the red light that had pierced his chest, Carla dragged Vic along as she systematically uncovered Dr. Malone’s links to Genomex research, Dr. Mark Kearney, and Adam Kane. Cyrus Payton, the astral-projecting teen who had actually killed Dr. Malone, baited Carla into using her connections to unearth the location of his next victim, Dr. Leo McAllister. Cyrus then projected himself into Vic’s body and accompanied Carla to Dr. McAllister’s hideout to get his revenge. Watching her ‘cameraman’ kill Dr. McAllister before her eyes, Carla tried to escape, but Cyrus leapt into her body to control her. By the time Mutant X was able to drive Cyrus out for good, both Vic and Carla were dead.

Melinda Deines

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