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Renfield, Nick

Nick Renfield -- Played by Adam MacDonald

Nick Renfield.

Mutant Type: Molecular (Stasis-suspension).

First Appearance: "Kilohertz."

Quote: Kilohertz: "I thought you'd be glad to see me."
Nick: "Glad to see you, Barry? We're thrilled."

Details: Nick Renfield was a promising young GSA trainee whose touch could freeze people in time. For his first field assignment, Mason Eckhart asked him to keep the rampage of telecyber Barry “Kilohertz” Sterling from advertising the existence of new mutants to the world. Pretending to be an FCC representative, Nick visited the manager of the WXDV television station where Barry worked, freezing him just long enough to download some of Barry’s broadcasts. Mutant X got to Barry first, however, and Nick began to get caught up in Barry’s “mutant freedom” messages. Noticing Nick’s changing sympathies, Mason ordered that he undergo negative reinforcement by sensory overload to reestablish his GSA loyalties. Nick had previously told Barry that he would be valued at the GSA, but as soon as Barry materialized in Mason’s Genomex office, Nick froze him so that he could be placed into a stasis pod.

Trivia: The actor who played Nick Renfield, Adam MacDonald, co-starred with Karen Cliche (Lexa Pierce) in the series Vampire High prior to joining Mutant hit counter
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