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Reynolds, Nathan

Nathan Reynolds -- Played by Philip DeWilde

Nathan Reynolds.

Mutant Type: Molecular (Intangible).

First Appearance: "The Prophecy."

Quote: "Just listen. I'm not on drugs. I'm not crazy. And I'm sure as hell not wrong. The prophecy has come true, man! And you and I are a part of it."

Details: Molecular Nathan Reynolds was one of the four new mutants chosen to donate DNA to the creation of The Child, Gabriel Ashlocke’s successor. Precog mutant John Bishop had foretold that several signs would occur before The Child’s ascension to power, including ‘two bloods dashed,’ meaning two of The Child’s ‘parents’ would die. Knowing that the omens had begun to take place, Nathan called Sanctuary’s private line to warn Brennan Mulwray, the fourth ‘parent.’ Brennan and Shalimar Fox set out to find Nathan, but were too late to save him from a slimy death at the hands of the feral The Guardian.

Trivia: Aside from Jesse, Nathan is the only other mutant in the series who is shown to be able to hit counter
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