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Rigas, Dr. Nigel

Dr. Nigel Rigas -- Played by Allan Royal

Dr. Nigel Rigas.

First Appearance: "Hard Time."

Quote: Dr. Rigas: "So what do we do? Just forget these men?"
Warden Wallington: "These men are getting what they deserve."
Dr. Rigas: "While we make money off them."
Warden Wallington: "I’ll be glad to cut your profits if that’ll ease your conscience, doctor."
Dr. Rigas: "No, no. That’s not my problem."
Warden Wallington: "That's what I thought."

Details: Accomplished behavioural psychiatrist Dr. Nigel Rigas once believed in attempting to reform criminals. Attempting to reverse neurotoxic processes which caused violent behaviour, Dr. Rigas studied the effects of cadmium on aggression at MedTech until they cut off his research funding. He then met Hillview State Penitentiary’s warden John Wallington, who had been a reformer until he was nearly killed in a prison riot. Together, they started boosting inmate’s aggressive tendencies with Dr. Rigas’s experimental ST1277 steroid so they could host private prisoner-on-prisoner gladiator tournaments and turn a profit. Working undercover as a graduate student intern, Emma deLauro uncovered the steroid before psionically ‘persuading’ Dr. Rigas to add Shalimar Fox and Adam Kane to that night’s guest list.

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