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Robson, Mike

Mike Robson -- Played by Nicolas Van Burek.

Mike Robson.

Mutant Type: Feral (Canine).

First Appearance: "Cirque des Merveilles."

Quote: "Have you ever come face to face with pure evil?"

Details: Newlyweds Mike and Donna joined Deklin Charvet’s Cirque des Merveilles circus, believing it was a safe place for new mutants. When Deklin wouldn’t stop romancing Donna, however, Mike packed their bags and Donna tried to reason with Deklin in the house of mirrors, The Chamber of Souls. Mike watched in horror as Donna was sucked into a mirror. He attacked Deklin, scarring his face for life. Grieving his wife, Mike returned to his hometown to hide in dog parks, protected by his own black dog. With their teammates inside the circus, Lexa Pierce and Jesse Kilmartin tracked Mike to confirm Jesse's suspicions that the circus was not the safe haven it appeared to be.

Trivia: Michael Robson was the name of the script editor for this episode.

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