First Mutant's Mutant X Warehouse (mutantxarchive) wrote,
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Rockwell, Candace

Candace Rockwell -- Played by Jennifer Vey

Mutant Type: Elemental (Electrical).

First Appearance: "Brother's Keeper."

Details: After five years of searching, Lexa Pierce found her twin brother Leo rooming with his girlfriend Candace. Unfortunately, ex-Genomex security chief Charles Carter, who was selling new mutant organs for transplantation, had hired his goon William Bain to obtain Leo's heart. Finding Leo away from the apartment, Bain attacked Candace instead and extracted her liver. Lexa and Leo each heard Candace's screams separately, but both dashed in too late to save her life.

Trivia: The actress who plays Candace in this episode, Jennifer Vey, is actually Victoria Pratt's stunt double. She also appears in the beginning of "Reality Check" as the woman Shalimar saves at her hit counter
Tags: mutant x bible
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