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Rogers, Nikki

Nikki Rogers -- Played by Jenya Lano

Nikki Rogers.

Mutant Type: Feral (Feline).

First Appearance: "Understudy."

Quote: Nikki: "You do this every day, Emma. I’ve spent my whole life just trying to pretend I don’t have these powers. Trying to fit in with the rest of the world, like I’m not some kind of a freak."
Emma: "We all feel like that from time to time."
Nikki: "Yeah, but you guys have each other. I never had anyone. And you know what, today was actually the first time in my entire life that I felt like I was a part of something. That I was someplace that I belonged. And for those few minutes, I actually felt good about myself."

Details: Nikki was one of the first new mutants Adam Kane considered for Mutant X along with Shalimar Fox. The two teen ferals became good friends while at Sanctuary, but ultimately Adam chose Shalimar and sent Nikki to a foster family. Nikki’s new mutancy made her a target for her abusive foster parents until she murdered them. Years later, Nikki suddenly appeared while Mutant X was chasing bikers who had stolen a particle decelerator. In the confusion, Nikki covertly shot Shalimar and then helped to defend the team, falsely earning their trust. Back at Sanctuary, Nikki conned her way into the Mutant X members hearts as Shalimar’s suspicion and jealousy of her former friend grew. Nikki killed the biker who had witnessed her shoot Shalimar and tricked Mutant X into searching elsewhere while she obtained the particle decelerator herself. She then returned to Sanctuary to complete her revenge on Shalimar, but Shalimar was able to turn the deadly beam back on Nikki, killing her instead.

From Adam's Mutant X Lives diary: NIKKI ROGERS - Where did I go wrong here? How could I not see the young Feral I once trained along side Shalimar had grown into damaged woman that almost destroyed us? I can’t hate Nikki, only myself. What kept me from ever checking up on her all these years? There is so much tragedy I could have prevented with her if I’d only relaxed my ambition for Mutant X to succeed. How much of Breedlove and Eckhart are really in my soul?

Jenya Lano

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