First Mutant's Mutant X Warehouse (mutantxarchive) wrote,
First Mutant's Mutant X Warehouse


Rucker -- Played by Rob Archer


Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic Punch).

First Appearance: "Lest He Become."

Quote: Rucker: "Nowhere to run?"
Emma: "Guess not."

Details: Mason Eckhart used Adam Kane's incomplete experimental procedure to create Mal, Rucker, and Silva with selected mutations. In order to find the DNA Mason required to perfect the process, Silva and Rucker intimidated Dr. Richard Haines into giving them his medical records. The trio were collecting a sample from flower shop owner Elizabeth Burton when Mutant X stepped in. Though Silva and Mal were powerful enough to overcome Mutant X's intervention, one psionic blast from Emma killed Rucker instantly because of his genetic hit counter
Tags: mutant x bible
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