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Ryan, Tyler

Tyler Ryan -- Played by Ryan Scott Greene

Tyler Ryan.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Precog).

First Appearance: "At Destiny's End."

Quote: Tyler: "Everything’s already decided, we’re just waiting for it to happen."
Emma: "Well, that sounds a little predictable."
Tyler: "Not if you know what’s coming is everything you’ve been waiting for your entire life."

Details: Tyler was helping a band of hard-core environmentalists plant a bomb at Wyckoff Chemical Plant when he had a vision of himself and Emma deLauro as lovers. Mutant X arrived moments later to stop the bomb's detonation, but Emma and Tyler's instant connection distracted Emma into letting the band get away. After Adam Kane questioned her judgement, Emma took off on her own to convince the environmentalists' leader, Skye, to bring her to Tyler on his jet ski. When she fell off, Tyler saved her from drowning and their bond deepened. Seeing that Emma might die during his next mission, Tyler warned Emma to stay away and tried in vain to leave Skye's group. Emma learned of Skye's plan to blow up OMDI Corporation, releasing a dangerous enzyme into the ocean which could destroy all the oil contamination at once. Mutant X failed to keep Skye from puncturing the gas tank with a bullet, but Tyler pushed Emma out of the containment vault before sealing himself inside with Skye. The deadly enzyme disintegrated both men as Emma watched, helpless to hit counter
Tags: mutant x bible
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