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First Appearance: "Shock of the New."

Details: Adam Kane erected several safehouses where new mutants could stay while awaiting their new identities as part of the mutant underground. The first safehouse, operated by telekinetic Allison Turner and molecular Vince Meisel, was located behind Ruby Bishop's bookstore. A second safehouse was created for security reasons after Brennan Mulwray was captured by the GSA, unfortunately, this second location was also compromised when Ruby was captured by the GSA in "I Scream the Body Electric." At least six other safehouses were created afterwards, each equipped with a new mutant database which self-destructed when tampered with, and an emergency telephone with which to contact Mutant X. They included The Valentine's home, Rick Bellamy's safehouse, and Neil Cuddhay's safehouse. Jesse Kilmartin was in charge of re-stocking the safehouses' supplies.

Safehouse bulletins from Mutant X Lives: ...Posting - MX Lives Bulletins
Be on the lookout for any person flashing a government I.D. and asking questions of you, your friends (or family) and co-workers. These are most likely to be GSAgents (Genetics Security Agents) hunting down New Mutants. They do not have your best interests at heart. In fact, 90% of their “interviews” end up in formal abduction. The agents are usually dressed in nondescript business attire and keep emotional content to a bare minimum. Many can be mutants themselves, conditioned to use their powers to bring down or apprehend their own kind. Do not be fooled by their credentials or veiled official threats. Technically, they must go through all chains of command to approach you or even take a minute of your time. Since they seldom play by these rules, do not feel obligated to do so yourself. If you even suspect a stranger in your midst is a GSAgent, clear the scene and contact the MUTANTX HOTLINE immediately. The GSA may be a federally sanctioned bureau, but its operations mode is kept secret from most administrators in charge. In other words, it is a covert front for a twisted agenda, which needs to be exposed and brought down. With your awareness and cooperation, MUTANT X is the team to do this. So keep your sensors up. Too many of us disappear as it is.
Applications for operators in the Mutant Underground Railroad system are now being accepted and considered. Needed are truck-drivers, media mechanics, computer techs and social therapists to work in all aspects of the systems. New Mutant DNA a must. CONTACT: Vince Meisel or Alison Turner at the Underground website for further information and employment specifics. Full health coverage and cover jobs provided. FOR DRIVERS ONLY CONTACT: Neil Kowalski through the MXL website or CB radio ID “No-Doze”.
Candlelight memorials for those lost to the recent Mutant Virus will be held at all Underground safe house facilities on Friday Dec. 8th at midnight. The services will be com-linked and addressed by Adam of MUTANT X. Any cleared member is welcomed to attend. In addition a fund has been set up in the name of Charles Marlowe, whose sacrifice allowed the anti-virus vaccine to be created. It will benefit the New Mutant mental health and outreach programs. Contributions can be sent in care of Emma DeLauro or Jesse Kilmartin at Mutant X (website or hotline).
All local ferals, elementals and moleculars are encouraged to attend defense technique seminars held at Underground facility XMCA over the next three Tuesdays starting at 7PM sharp. These sessions will be taught be MUTANT X members Shalimar Fox, Brennan Mulwray and Jesse Kilmartin and are of the highest caliber in power training. Wear padded gym clothes and expect to be airborne for much of the time. A psionics defense course is expected to follow next month. (Schedule changes a possibility due to the unpredictable nature of the guests’ activities.)

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