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Saunders, Dr. Richard

Dr. Richard Saunders -- Played by Yannick Bisson

Dr. Richard Saunders.

Mutant Type: Feral (Feline).

First Appearance: "Fool for Love."

Quote: "Don't you ever get tired of being special? Don't you ever long for a normal life?"

Details: A research associate at Genomex, Richard created a serum which had the potential to eradicate the genetic abnormalities in new mutants' DNA after six biweekly treatments. Richard tried the serum on himself and had begun treating another feline feral, Donna Morse, when she suddenly disappeared. While searching her apartment, he ran into Shalimar Fox, who was trying to find out why Donna had refused the new mutant underground. The strong feral attraction they shared as they fought quickly blossomed into love. Shalimar decided to leave Mutant X and take the serum with Richard so that they could stay together after he became human. Yet just after Shalimar's first dose, Richard began experiencing cramps. Shalimar brought him to Sanctuary, where the two learned that a flaw in the drug had proved fatal for Donna. Rather than allow both of them to die, Richard asked Adam Kane to save Shalimar with an extract of his own blood, thus hastening his own death.

Adam's thoughts from the former Mutant X Lives faux website: DR. RICHARD SAUNDERS - He could not accept who he was, a fact that destroys more New Mutants than Eckhart’s forces combined. A rare feline feral male, Dr. Saunders slipped under my radar, changing names and identity several times in his life to keep his true nature a secret. His impressive education, genius theories and covert work at Genomex were all fueled by one motive: to make himself normal. I look at his potential to aid others and see only waste. His tragic death was inevitable. I only hope he did not take a piece of Shalimar with him.

Security directive from Tribune Entertainment's former website: Saunders Protocol Notice TO: All Research Teams FROM: Dr. Kenneth Harrison
The laboratory space formerly occupied by the late Dr. Richard Saunders is now available for use. All applicants with feasible projects are to submit their proposals to my department by the end of the week. Per a direct request from Mr. Eckhart, Dr. Saunders' work on feral mutants will be collected and incorporated into the knowledge base on the Genomex mainframe. Any personnel who collaborated or consulted on the cited material are to submit the data to my secretary (hard or soft copy) and expunge their own files of originals and copies. Use DOD approved electronic document destruction procedures. In a related announcement, Security's failure to detect Dr. Saunders' mutant status until after his death has prompted a mandatory genetic sweep of each related department. DNA scrape appointments will be posted and scheduled by group and are slated to recur infrequently. No excuse will be accepted and no staff member excluded from these procedures. Thank-you, K. Harrison

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