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Serena -- Played by Lauren Catalano


First Appearance: "Under the Cloak of War."

Quote: Serena: "Finally, someone who tells the truth. All the others are worried about is their precious funding."
Adam: "I like to think so, thank you. I’m sorry, I don’t know you. Adam Kane."
Serena: "Serena."
Adam: "Serena...?"
Serena: "Just Serena."

Details: Serena was the Blue Bolt assassin Brako assigned to murder Adam Kane. Flirting with him at the party before a genetics conference, she managed to draw him away from the crowd, but Shalimar Fox intervened before she could use her bracelet/knife to stab him. Shalimar kicked Serena over the balcony's railing to her death on the floor below.

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