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Details: A fandom term. With the current fad of abbreviating romantic relationships between characters by combining their names, several new terms for 'ships in the Mutant X fandom have emerged. Among them is the term Shalash, which is shorthand for "the romantic potential between Shalimar Fox and Gabriel Ashlocke."

Gabriel first met Shalimar at a mutant safehouse as he was recruiting new mutants for his band of followers, The Strand. Gabriel knocked both Shalimar and Brennan Mulwray unconscious when they attempted to prevent him from stealing Adam's new mutant database from the safehouse. Gabriel then brought Shalimar back to his headquarters and used his powers of mind control to turn her against Mutant X. Emma was able to restore Shalimar's will with a psionic blast of her own, but Gabriel would continue to menace and haunt Shalimar's mind until his death.

Links: Shalash.

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