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Sign from Above

Mutant X Episode Synopses

Sign from Above: Episode #208.

Tag: The Mutant X team must save Shalimar from a trio of extraterrestrials who pose a dangerous threat to the future of humanity. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Tony Blake, Paul Johnson; Directed by John Bell (XI)
Scott Adkins....Marco
Christopher Britton (as Chris Britton)....J.K. Bergman
Desmond Campbell....Brak
Jeannette Sousa (as Jeannette Souza)....Amanda Terry
Colette Stevenson....Dr. Sarah Wolf
Andrew Tarbet....Kyle Strong

Official Synopsis: Jesse (Forbes March) and feral Amanda Terry (Jeannette Souza) flirt at Amanda's apartment following a night of dancing. Soon, the two call it a night and Jesse leaves. Amanda shuts the door and turns to find three intruders, Sarah Wolf (Colette Stevenson), Marco (Scott Adkins) and Brak (Desmond Campbell). After a brief scuffle, Wolf's flesh suddenly begins to morph into black scales. Watching the gruesome transformation, Amanda falls unconscious. The next day, Jesse begins to worry about Amanda after he calls her, but gets no answer. Meanwhile, Adam (John Shea) secretly meets with government official JK Bergman (Chris Britton), who asks Adam to use his mutant database to help identify the bodies of three murdered mutants. Looking at photos of the victims, Adam realizes that one is Jesse’s friend Amanda. When Adam relays the bad news to Jesse, he vows to find the killers. As Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Shalimar search the perimeter of Amanda’s apartment for clues, they run into Wolf, Marco and Brak. Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) quickly radios Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse before attacking Marco with a series of back kicks. Emma then fires a telepathic blast at Brak, but it barely phases him. Suddenly, Brak knocks Shalimar unconscious and the three flee with her. Back at Sanctuary, Adam, Jesse and Brennan look at the results of Amanda’s autopsy in hopes it will lead them to the identity of the killer. The report reveals that her spinal fluid was drained and Adam fears that they might do the same to Shalimar. Meanwhile, Wolf approaches Shalimar, who is tied to an examination table in Wolf’s lab with energy restraints. Impressed with Shalimar's vigor, Wolf orders Shalimar to tell about Adam’s database, but she refuses. Adam goes to see Bergman who reveals that a strong woman was seen being dragged into a warehouse. Knowing it must have been Shalimar, Adam sends the Mutant X team to the warehouse. As Emma, Jesse and Brennan near the entrance, however, there is an explosion and a young feral named Kyle (Andrew Tarbet) comes barreling out followed by Marco and Brak. Brennan shoots a tesla coil at Marco, while Jesse phases out and causes Brak to run into a wall. When Marco and Brak flee, Brennan and Jesse enter the warehouse and find Shalimar's comlink and a vial of orange liquid. Kyle tells them that all he can remember is someone talking about making another run to Mercy Hospital. Back in the lab, Wolf secretly meets with Bergman. Wolf informs him that she planned Kyle’s escape so he would be taken in by the Mutant X team and be able to gain access to their database. Meanwhile at Sanctuary, Adam's test results show that the vial of orange liquid contains DNA and that the chemical compound of it could kill a human in seconds. Although Jesse informs Adam that Kyle is not listed in the mutant database, Adam still insists that he and Brennan pay Mercy Hospital a visit. At Wolf's lab, Shalimar listens as Wolf tells her that once Kyle gets into Adam’s database, Shalimar will be of no use to them and her brain and spinal fluid will be drained and administered to non-mutants to give them mutant-like power. Wolf then demonstrates the power of the fluid by taking a shot before twisting a metal rod with the greatest of ease. Back at Sanctuary, Emma is intrigued with her inability to read Kyle's thoughts. Trusting Kyle, Emma even begins answering his questions about the computer nerve center. Disguised, Brennan and Jesse enter Mercy Hospital and spot Marco discarding a woman’s corpse. When Marco leaves, the two check the identity of the body and are very relieved it’s not Shalimar. At the Sanctuary, Kyle asks Emma to open the mutant file, but she does not have access to it. As the two continue to flirt, Emma opens herself up completely and realizes Kyle is not a mutant. When she confronts him about his identity, he knocks her unconscious. Meanwhile, Shalimar screams as Wolf begins the process of draining her fluid. Back at Sanctuary, Adam finds Emma on the floor and she tells him about Kyle not being mutant. Just as Adam informs her that the vial was filled with mutant DNA, the alarms sound indicating that Kyle is trying to break into the database. Adam orders Emma to find him and keep him busy while he rushes to the lab. In the Hanger, Emma shoots a psionic blast at Kyle, but not before he takes a swig of the orange potion and becomes immune to her powers. He then morphs into a grotesque insecticide alien life form right before her eyes. Adam rushes in and hits Kyle with a tranquilizer gun and Emma hits him with a psionic blast that leaves him immobile. Knowing Jesse and Brennan are in danger, Adam and Emma head for the hospital. Jesse and Brennan find Shalimar inside Wolf's lab, but just as they’re about to rescue her, a white vapor seeps into the room and they fall unconscious. They awaken to find themselves restrained to gurneys. While Bergman expresses his fear of being caught to Wolf, Jesse inconspicuously phases out and releases himself from the restraints. Wolf sends Bergman flying to his death just as Jesse uses a nearby computer to deactivate Brennan and Shalimar’s restraints. Jesse and Brennan attack Wolf, but their powers are virtually useless against her. Adam and Emma arrive with a tranquilizer gun which Adam shoots Wolf with. Shalimar then finishes off the weakened Wolf and the team flees just as the lab begins a meltdown. Later at Sanctuary, Adam informs Brennan that Wolf and her cohorts are in custody. Adam then attempts to console Emma who, because of Kyle, has a new appreciation for her powers, but a lessened belief in trusting people.

Amanda Terry: I knew you were all talk.
Jesse: How do you figure?
Amanda: Well, I whipped you to a pulp on the dance floor, and then I beat you here by half a block.
Jesse: You’re a feral. I think if I'm gonna outdance ya, they’d have to take you back to the genetic drawing board.
Amanda: Oh, I don’t know if you’d want to do that. I mean, who knows what else they’d change?

Jesse: You know, I can’t believe that someone like you spends your days working at a music store.
Amanda: What should I be doing? Showing off my powers like the rest of you guys at Mutant X? Letting the entire world know I’m a freak?
Jesse: We’re not freaks, Amanda.
Amanda: Yeah, but we’re not entirely normal yet either, are we?

Amanda: I don’t get many break-ins. I think you’re about to find out why.

Jesse: She’s not at home, she’s not at work, and she’s not answering her cellphone.
Brennan: Well, sounds like she’s blowing you off, Brother.
Jesse: She’s not blowing me off.
Brennan: What, like women don’t do that? Say something when they mean something totally different?
Jesse: No, this woman don’t do that. Besides, you know, I’m not sure you’re the right guy to be giving advice. When was the last time you had a steady relationship, huh?
Brennan: Jess, having a relationship and handling women are two totally different things. One doesn’t necessarily go with the other.

Adam: Look, I don’t know every mutant Genomex created. And you know, toward the end, we weren’t exactly sharing information.
J.K. Bergman: But you do have a registry of the mutants you’ve been able to help.
Adam: I see your intelligence is probably better than I thought.
Bergman: All I’m asking is that you put names to some of those young people. It’s the least you can do for their families.
Adam: Why, because you think I’m responsible for making them what they are in the first place?
Bergman: I didn’t say that.
Adam: Well, you don’t have to!

Shalimar: That was cold.
Emma: Not really.
Shalimar: His girlfriend just died. You could cut him some slack.
Emma: And that means I have to go down the road with every crisis every one of you is feeling? Look, ever since our powers got ramped up, I have been finding it harder and harder to keep my defenses up against stray emotions. And when somebody, especially a friend, radiates pure grief like Jesse is, then I find it really hard not to get wrapped up in it myself.
Shalimar: You could help him.
Emma: No, I couldn’t. I could make him feel good for a little while. You know, so good that he might forget all about Amanda. But it would just be temporary. People have to deal with grief like this on their own.
Shalimar: Emma, he’s in pain.
Emma: So what? Every time somebody is feeling something they shouldn’t, I should mess around in their heads? Who decides when it’s okay, Shal, me? You?
Shalimar: I see your point. But you don’t have to be so cold about it.

Jesse: This can’t be happening, Adam. They can’t have just disappeared into thin air.
Adam: Well, you do it all the time.

Dr. Sara Wolf: Healthy, vital, extremely strong. Prime mutant stock.
Shalimar: Sounds like I just won a ribbon at the county fair.
Dr. Wolf: I need you to help me, Shalimar Fox. I need you to tell me about Adam Kane’s database of mutants.
Shalimar: I need you to spontaneously combust. Any chance of that?

Brennan: Nice place.
Jesse: I’ll bet even the rats think twice before hanging out here.
Brennan: Hey, can’t all be one of your family society lunches.
Jesse: Don’t like them much either.

Emma:Well, one of the people who was killed was a really close friend of Jesse’s.
Kyle: But you’re fighters, right? I mean, you take those chances.
Emma: No. Not Amanda. She wasn’t like us. All she cared about was music, you know, she didn’t deserve what happened to her. None of us do.
Kyle: I’m sorry, Emma. I hope you get her back.
Emma: Well, we got you back. And that gives me some hope.

Emma: You know, you’re different, Kyle.
Kyle: Me? Different than what?
Emma: I don’t know. Different than other mutants. Different than other people.
Kyle: Bad different?
Emma: No. Good different. You know, it’s kind of nice not being blasted by another person’s emotions. I can let my defenses down a little more.
Kyle: So, you can’t read me at all? All my dark secrets are still safe?
Emma: I’m afraid so.
Kyle: That’s good. That way you won’t see it coming.
Emma: Oh yeah? What’s that?
Kyle: Well, I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t decided yet. But being this close to you kind of gives me a few ideas.
Emma: You know what? Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you’re not so different from every other guy.
Kyle: I promise you. I’m different.

Kyle: Your Adam, he seems like a pretty smart guy. I mean all this, creating Mutant X.
Emma: You know, you could be a part of it if you wanted. With what we’re doing we could always use someone with your kind of strength and speed.
Kyle: And maybe somebody to put a little mystery and romance into the mix?

Shalimar: Give me one minute outside of this rig with or without your superjuice, I’ll make you wish you’d never even heard of mutants.
Dr. Wolf: Wishing for the impossible is not one of humanity’s more ingratiating characteristics.

Kyle: And what about your friends? They okay?
Emma: Nothing yet. But they’ll call as soon as they find something. It’s nice that you’re worried about them.
Kyle: I thought you said you couldn’t read me.
Emma: I guess some things you just know without any special powers. I guess this is how normal people get to know each other. Without being intimate from the first look.
Kyle: And you can handle that? Being with somebody and never being able to look into their mind.
Emma: Maybe it wouldn’t always have to be like that. Maybe I just wasn’t trying hard enough. Maybe I just wasn’t connected.

Adam: Now whatever he is, maybe now he’ll understand the old adage about a woman scorned.

Brennan: Looks like all the action’s down below.
Jesse: Where else would hell be?

Shalimar: Save some for me, boys, because that bitch is mine.

Dr. Wolf: You should have stayed where you were. It would have hurt less.
Shalimar: If I’m going down, I’m going down. But I’m gonna leave you something to remember me by.

Adam: You want to play around with mutant genetics, I’m the last person you want to play with.

Emma: I used to think you were lucky, not being stuck feeling everyone else’s emotions. When I didn’t feel anything from Kyle, I was relieved. I thought I could take him at face value. I don’t know, maybe I thought I could love him.
Adam: Welcome to how it is for the other 99.9 % of the population. I mean, you love somebody you don’t really know what’s in their hearts. You take your chances
Emma: Yeah, well, I don’t think I can do that. Not if it feels like this when it doesn’t work out.
Adam: But you’ve gotta put your pain behind you. You’ve got to move on, you’ve got to take another chance. Makes life a little bit more interesting.
Emma: That’s easy for you to say.
Adam: Look, the guy who I thought was helping us find Shalimar turns out to be the guy who set us up. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna trust anybody again.
Emma: I understand. But I’m still happy I have my power. Because however painful it is sometimes, it’s nowhere near as painful as having to rely on trust.
Adam: Hard way to live your life, Emma. I mean, even with your power, I think you’re gonna have to take your chances sometime. You’ve gonna to trust somebody.
Emma: Well you can keep your trust. I’ll take the sure thing any day.

Jesse: She didn’t want to be a part of our world, Shal. But our world came after her anyway.
Shalimar: Well, I’ll tell you the minute life starts getting fair. You hang in there, okay?
Jesse: Yeah. There’s nowhere else to hang.

Trivia & Nitpicks: Blessed be, it’s a Jesse episode! Or it was for five minutes until Emma admonished him for grieving over his lost girlfriend. From then on, the focus shifted into a rescue-Shalimar/Emma-love story.

This is the first mention of what happened to the new mutants in stasis after Genomex's demise: Bergman says that the government found bodies of new mutants after the “Genomex debacle.”

Adam explains Jesse's inability to find Kyle in the database by saying that there were a lot of secret experiments done at Genomex that he didn’t know about.

Amanda’s the first new mutant we see who is not in the underground, but living out a normal life in the real world.

For someone whose sole mission is to help new mutants, Adam looks terribly annoyed when J.K. (just kidding!) Bergman asks him to identify the three who were killed.

When Brennan and Jesse hit a brick wall while chasing after the aliens carrying Shalimar, where did the aliens go? Was their mother ship waiting to beam them up, or can they teleport?

None of that sugar-coating for Adam, he tells Jesse straight out that his girlfriend’s spinal fluid was sucked dry. A little tact, man!

The ectomorphic restraints around Shalimar are blue. Blue is never good in Mutant X.

Kyle says there were others in the warehouse with him, yet he knows right away that Mutant X have come looking for “the girl, the feral.” Is he referring to Shalimar, or to Amanda?

Also, Kyle told them that the aliens were on their way to Mercy General Hospital for “another run.” So how do Brennan and Jesse end up in the basement at Bellvue Hospital?

It seems a bit pointless to have Sanctuary's computer set off an alarm when it senses unauthorized database access if the system doesn't prevent the intruder from changing the passcodes at the same time.

Jesse, apparently forgetting that he’s a molecular, joins Brennan in ineffectively tugging on Shalimar’s neck brace. Why doesn’t he just phase the neck brace so that the poor girl can get out?

And later, when they’re all trapped, if Jesse can’t phase the ectomorphic restraints, why not just phase himself so that he falls through the bed, rather than massing and breaking the bed, which sets off the alarms?

When Emma’s boyfriend dies in “At Destiny’s End,” everyone flocks around her to share her grief. When Brennan has to leave Connor and Becky in “The Grift,” they’re all there to cheer him up. When Shalimar has to kill Nikki in self-defense in "Understudy," it’s a group hug moment. But when Jesse’s girlfriend dies, no one seems to care about Jesse’s feelings but Shalimar. That’s kind of depressing.

Emma informs Kyle that they monitor political events and some happenings that only make sense to Adam. I guess this is TPTB's attempt to explain away some of the odd assignments Mutant X seem to be taking this season: investigating mysterious park deaths in "Whose Woods These Are" before they discover the killer is a feral, investigating Billy Larkin’s fires in "Inferno" before they are certain that they were mutant-induced, getting the PVG in Kovakistan rather than leaving it to the military in "No Man Left Behind," protecting Senator Morrison’s daughter in "One Step Closer" and Vic Morelli for his testimony in "Once Around".... These missions wouldn't have fallen under the purview of Mutant X as we knew it last season, where their focus was primarily on mutants. With the demise of both Genomex and Proxy Blue, Mutant X has to decide what to get involved in for themselves--read "at Adam's discretion."

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