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Silva -- Played by Richard Stroh


Mutant Type: Molecular (Pain).

First Appearance: "Lest He Become."

Quote: Brennan: "Let me guess. We can do this fast, or we can do this slow."
Silva: "No. I only do slow."

Details: Silva had the ability to transmit concentrated waves of pain. Silva, Mal and Rucker were collecting blood samples to futher Mason Eckhart’s Naxcon genetic research on selective mutation. Silva was able to drive Mutant X away twice, but Shalimar Fox finally convinced her father that he was working for the wrong side. After Mason’s protective synthetic skin was breached during the explosion at Naxcon, Silva helped him obtain the results of Adam Kane’s past studies about a cure for his illness. Once Mason’s condition had been stabilized, Silva brought in and fruitlessly tortured Brennan Mulwray to discover Sanctuary’s location. Mason had just ordered Siva to kill Brennan when Mutant X arrived to save him. As payback for what he had done to Brennan, Shalimar disemboweled Silva with her hands.

Trivia: According to director Philip Segal, Silva's original name was "Pain."

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