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Skye -- Played by Steve Boyle


First Appearance: "At Destiny's End."

Quote: "If you’re gonna hang with Tyler, you’ve gotta understand something. He’ll spend time with you now, but before you know it, he’s gonna come back to me, hunting down the next big wave or the next untouched mountain."

Details: Environmental terrorists Skye and Deacon loved nothing more than performing daredevil stunts while surfing, mountain climbing, and bombing polluting chemical plants. Aided by the precognitive gifts of Skye’s psionic nephew Tyler Ryan, they blew up Wyckoff Chemicals before Mutant X could stop them. When Emma DeLauro showed up at their beach looking for Tyler, Skye took her on a wild jetski ride that would have drowned her if Tyler had not saved her. Skye’s jealousy of Tyler and Emma’s budding romance prompted him to react badly when Tyler decided to leave him for Emma. Skye forced Tyler at gunpoint to help them deliver their next environmental “wake up call,” to release OMDI's petroleum-devouring bacteria into the oceans. Rather than allow Skye to shoot Emma or endanger the lives of millions of people, Tyler locked himself in the control room with Skye, and the two men were consumed by the flesh-eating bacteria.

From Adam's diary on Tribune Entertainment's former Mutant X Lives website: ...Eco-Terrorist Raids
You are probably aware, Mr. Kane, that there have been a series of destructive raids on several chemical plants up and down the west coast over the last month and a half. Counting the explosion at the Randolph Paper Mill in Salem, Oregon last night, the tally is now up to five completed attacks. This was the first incident where there was an actual injury. A night shift security guard was severely burned over three-fourths of his body. While not a fatality, we must consider this a tragedy and apprehend those responsible before another occurs. As of yet, the Bureau has not been able to track the terrorists. They have an uncanny way of staying a step ahead of our every move. We have combed our active team for a possible leak but the search has come up negative. No agent has turn-coated. Therefore, despite the common explosive devices employed, we must assume that the Eco-terrorists are employing high-grade espionage technology. Their top strategist must be brilliant because every counter-move employed by the targeted plants’ security systems have been anticipated and deftly skirted. It is almost as if they could predict the future. Candidates with the level of genius required coupled with environmental causes are few and thus far, any brought to our attention have alibis or are already incarcerated. No creditable group has come forward to claim responsibility. After the paper mill incident, it seems unlikely that they ever will. Even the press has been left in the dark. At this point, the best the Bureau can do is stake out all potential chemical plants that may be targeted and do our best to upgrade their security. As I am certain you agree, these measures are a slight cut above ineffectiveness. That is why I am turning to Mutant X. We need your capable quartet to track and stop these villains…or at least deduce the source of their constant advantages. I well recall your politics, Mr. Kane, and realize you may be rooting for the other side. Indeed, many liberal newspapers have done the same. With the injury of the Randolph security guard, however, you must see that whomever we are dealing with are not Greenpeace but dangerous fanatics with no regard for safety. No cause merits ruthless actions. They must be stopped and your team is the one to do it. It is believed that either Wykoff Chemicals in Long Beach, California or Jergens Pharmaceuticals in Tacoma, Washington are likely next sites on the terrorists’ lists. I have forwarded the statistics on both plants to you as well as the little data we have on the aggressors. Your Psionic (Ms. DeLauro) may prove invaluable here but I will hence trust your judgment on how you chose to handle the matter.

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