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Sperling, General William

General William Sperling -- Played by Philip Akin

General William Sperling.

First Appearance: "No Man Left Behind."

Quote: "This is unacceptable! You interfered with an official operation. You stole government property, and I don’t care how much hush-hush political juice you’ve got. This time, you’re gonna answer for it."

Details: The chief of the Office of Defense Testing, General William Sperling fraudulently obtained a phased vibrational generator that Adam Kane had invented, planning to use it as a weapon against the rebels in the Kovakistan Liberation Army. When the general admitted to Adam that the jet delivering the PVG to U.S. troops had been shot down in the middle of the war zone, Adam sent Mutant X to retrieve it before it fell into the wrong hands.

Trivia On the former Mutant X Lives faux website, General Sperling's name has been changed to "General William Sutton."

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