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First Appearance: "Hard Time."

Details: Produced by the behavioral psychologist Dr. Nigel Rigas, ST1277 was an experimental steroid which heightened aggression in several of Hillview State Penitentiary's inmates.

Technobabble: Emma: There’s a notebook. It’s about tests of something called ST1277. Looks like it’s some kind of steroid.
Adam: A steroid? All right now, that makes sense. Maybe they’re affecting the somatosensory cortex with a steroid.
Emma: Okay, you lost me.
Adam: Well, the brain regulates its chemistry with neurotransmitters, right? Now remember how Rigas said that he could dial down somebody’s aggression?
Emma: Yeah.
Adam: Well, this stuff would allow them to dial up the aggression.
Emma: Yeah, but that doesn’t make any sense. He spent his whole life researching the opposite effect.
Adam: I know, but this would explain the levels of the chemicals that we found in Denny that would cause the violence.

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