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Stanton, Dr. Sara

Dr. Sara Stanton -- Played by Jessica Steen

Dr. Sara Stanton.

First Appearance: "The Taking of Crows."

Quote: Sara: "Who sent you? Adam Kane?"
Lexa: "He's dead."
Dr. Sara: "That's good to hear."

Details: Genomex scientist Dr. Sara Stanton developed DXL to control new mutant aggression, only to become addicted to the drug herself. A research subject died as a result of her negligence, but before Adam Kane could turn her in, Sara’s new mutant lover Hector Friemark blew up her lab along with all the evidence. Hector was less charitable after Sara was arrested for drug trafficking, knowing that if she remained in Crowter’s Prison, he needn’t share the profits. Noticing that Lexa Pierce was suffering from DXL poisoning, Sara agreed to save her life in exchange for her freedom. Sara reneged on this deal immediately after the jailbreak, ditching the convulsing Lexa to go confront Hector. Sara hit Hector’s face with a brick of DXL, igniting his explosive charges. Both died when the building went up.

Jessica Steen

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