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Stasis Pods

Stasis Pods.

First Appearance: "Shock of the New."

Details: In the early days of Genomex, stasis pods were created by head researcher Adam Kane as a means of controlling dangerous new mutants like Gabriel Ashlocke. Once sealed inside this strong transparent coffin, a podded individual can be maintained in a coma-like state for many years, though he or she is aware of everything happening around it. Potentially lethal new mutants captured by the GSA during Mason Eckhart's tenure were placed in pods in Genomex's Section 9 for "future study," along with some GS agents who did not adequately perform their duties. Any pod which was sealed without Mason's personal login opened automatically after six months. After the fall of Genomex, all pods were destroyed except that of Dr. Ken Harrison's girlfriend, the new mutant Laura Brooks.

Individuals shown in pods/presumably podded during the series: Barry "Kilohertz" Sterling, Genomex accountant Karen Bell, GS agent Calvin Porter, GS agent Brianna Voight, Gabriel Ashlocke, Mason Eckhart, Jesse Kilmartin, and Laura Brooks.

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