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Sterling, Barry "Kilohertz"

Barry Sterling -- Played by Jim Thorburn

Barry Sterling, "Kilohertz".

Mutant Type: Elemental (Cybernetic).

First Appearance: "Kilohertz."

Quote: Haven't you heard? Resistance is futile.

Details: A telecyber whose DNA was in a constant state of flux between matter and energy, Barry Sterling was working as a WXDV production assistant under Harv Guffman when he grew power hungry. Transforming himself into energy waves, Barry transmitted himself by satellite to homes across the city, inciting new mutants to take control and demonstrating his power by affecting the stock market, knocking out the city's power grid in the process. Mason Eckhart, preferring to keep new mutants' existence a secret, sent GSA trainee Nick Renfield to capture him. Mutant X caught Barry first, but Adam failed to convince Barry to cease his harmful actions. Barry managed to escape Mutant X's containment twice, and after nearly suffocating them by withdrawing Sanctuary's air, Barry sent himself to Genomex. When he materialized in Mason's office, Nick froze him in time and Mason podded him.

From Adam's diary on Tribune Entertainment's former Mutant X Lives website: BARRY STERLING - It was not Genomex that stopped Sterling. It was fame. The brief national attention his acts as Kilohertz brought fed deep insecurities and pumped his ego out of control. A false sense of power and little control over his rare elemental abilities marked Barry as a falling star that we could only watch from a distance.

Trivia: Though Barry's last name is spelled 'Sterling' in the official site's episode synopsis, it is 'Stirling' on the computer screen when Jesse and Nick Renfield look him up in their respective mutant databases.

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