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Stone, Wendy

Wendy Stone -- Played by Jennifer Dale

Wendy Stone.

Mutant Type: Molecular (Gravitative).

First Appearance: "Crime of the New Century."

Quote: "You vultures make me sick. Souvenir hunting in the midst of someone else's tragedy? Beat it."

Details: GS agent Wendy Stone could increase molecular density by touch. After Joshua Valentine, the son of famous astronaut Corbin Valentine, was kidnapped, Mason Eckhart persuaded the FBI to let Wendy take the case and instructed her to bring the boy to Genomex for study. Wendy did not get to Josh before Mutant X, so she tortured his kidnapper into confessing that Josh's mother Lisa had had him kidnapped to protect him from Corbin. Once Josh was returned to his parents, Corbin brought him to Genomex, thinking Josh would be 'cured' of his new mutancy. Wendy tried to keep Mutant X from taking Josh away a second time by holding Corbin at gunpoint, but Josh used his thermal abilities to make her gun too hot to hold, allowing them to escape.

Jennifer Dale

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