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Strand, The

The Strand

First Appearance: "A Breed Apart."

Quote: Gabriel: "I'm so thankful to all of you. For keeping my dream alive. Eckhart has punished us by invading our bodies and our minds. Now they want to use us a weapons of destruction against our own kind. Not here to tell anyone--average or gifted--how to live. I'm talking about a fellowship of like-minded friends. No GSA power trips, no Mutant X invisibility. Just life as it was meant to be lived."

Details: After GS agent Morgan Fortier released Gabriel Ashlocke from his Genomex stasis pod, she helped him to gather together new mutant Links for his cult organization, The Strand. Focused upon world domination, Gabriel billed The Strand as "An organization of gifted men and women seeking their rightful place in the world." Their logo was "0.0" which was code for "Patient Zero," Gabriel's title as the first new mutant Genomex created.

Strand Headquarters

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