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Strong, Kyle

Kyle Strong -- Played by Andrew Tarbet

Kyle Strong.

First Appearance: "Sign from Above."

Quote: Kyle: "So, you can’t read me at all? All my dark secrets are still safe?"
Emma: "I’m afraid so."
Kyle: "That’s good. That way you won’t see it coming."

Details: Aliens Kyle Strong, Dr. Sarah Wolf, Marco and Brak travelled to Earth seeking the power to take over their homeworld. They found that imbibing new mutant spinal fluid made them nearly invincible, Kyle tricked Mutant X into bringing him to Sanctuary by posing as a feral victim. Kyle's alien brain resisted Emma deLauro's telempathic probe at first, temporarily lulling her into trusting him with some of Sanctuary’s secrets before she realized that he wasn’t human. Using a sample of the aliens’ DNA, Adam created a weapon to counteract the effects of mutant spinal fluid, thus allowing Emma’s psionic blast to prevent Kyle from downloading the mutant database. Emma and Adam Kane then joined their teammates, defeated Dr. Wolf, and blew up her warehouse. The aliens were taken to a secret government containment facility for observation.

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