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Subdermal governor

Subdermal governors.

First Appearance: "I Scream the Body Electric."

Details: Subdermal governors, like stasis pods, were originally created by Adam Kane to control dangerous new mutants like Gabriel Ashlocke. Once implanted in the nape of the neck, governors connect to a new mutant's DNA, so that when he uses his abilities without the controller's permission, he experiences debilitating pain. In "I Scream the Body Electric," Brennan demonstrates that he can form a tesla coil with his governor in place, but soon collapses with abdominal pain. The hand-held controller also has the option of giving a painful jolt when he chooses. Governors may be deactivated by remote control, short electrical blasts, computer viruses, or Adam Kane. As was the case with Ashley Elliot in "Lit Fuse," subdermal governors do not work well on new mutants who are actively mutating.

In Season 3's "The Assault," when Lexa Pierce attempts to produce a laser after being fitted with a subdermal governor, she is clearly not in any pain. She is simply blocked from using her abilities. Perhaps The Dominion has developed a newer version of the original Genomex governors created by Adam.

New mutants shown with governors during the series: Frank Thorne, Brennan Mulwray, Ruby Bishop, Emma deLauro, Jesse Kilmartin, Toni Quintana, Josh Valentine, Charlotte Cooke, and Lexa Pierce.

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