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Tanner, Eric

Eric Tanner -- Played by Mark Lutz

Eric Tanner

First Appearance: "Lit Fuse."

Quote: Neil: "If you ask me, you laid it on a little thick."
Eric: "C'mon. She loves that stuff. Trust me, Ashley thinks I'm the best thing that's ever happened to her. Speaking of the best thing... We need to talk about my cut."

Details: Electrical elemental Ashley Elliot's fiance Eric Tanner conspired with the bounty hunter Neil Cross to bring her to the GSA. Ashley's DNA was actively mutating, forcing her to absorb large amounts of electricity to survive. After Ashley caused a temporary blackout by draining a power station of 400 megawatts, Mutant X brought her to Sanctuary. Ashley then absorbed Brennan Mulwray in the form of electricity, taking off in the Double Helix to rescue Eric from Neil. She arrived too late, however, for Neil had already killed Eric in a dispute over money.

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