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Taylor, Diane

Diane Taylor -- Played by Janaya Stephens

Diane Taylor.

Mutant Type: Molecular (Dimensional Transfer).

First Appearance: "Cirque des Merveilles."

Quote: Jesse: "He doesn’t care about you, Diane."
Diane: "Yes, he does."
Jesse: "He’s been using you."
Diane: "That’s not true!"
Jesse: "It’s in his manifesto. "
Diane: "What are you talking about?"
Deklin: "Don’t listen to them. They’re only trying to trick you."
Jesse: "Eckhart’s manifesto. ‘He must purge the world of mutant abominations. He must not fail..."
Diane: "...the mission must not end..."
Jesse: "...until ALL mutants are wiped from the face of the earth.’ Diane. That includes you!"

Details: Molecular Diane Taylor could to send matter into alternate dimensions. Predicting that new mutants would ultimately overrun the world if he were not around to control them, Mason Eckhart brainwashed sleeper agents like Deklin Charvet to destroy all new mutants in the event of his death. After Brennan Mulwray killed Mason, Deklin created a circus, Cirque des Merveilles. He hired Diane to create a house of mirrors, The Chamber of Souls, where she used her abilities to trap any new mutants who joined the circus inside the mirrors. After she sent Brennan and Shalimar Fox into the mirror dimension, Jesse Kilmartin convinced her that Deklin was only using her to fulfill his mission of genocide and that he would kill her too once it was completed. Realizing that Deklin did not share her love, Diane released the trapped mutants before sending Deklin and herself into the alternate world to be together forever.

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