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Templeton, Lorna

Lorna Templeton -- Played by Krista Allen

Lorna Templeton.

Mutant Type: Feral (Arachnid).

First Appearance: "Deadly Desire."

Quote: "Nothing like cold, hard cash. Well...almost nothing."

Details: To bolster her compromised immune system, Genomex scientists spliced Lorna’s DNA with that of a scorpion before she was born. As a result, Lorna could sprout deadly stingers from her wrists and release a pink pheromone gas from neck pores which caused men to become obsessed with her. Shalimar Fox and Jesse Kilmartin intervened as GS agents were pursuing Lorna, who stung one agent to death and gassed a second, Carl Ames. Under Lorna’s spell, Carl informed her of Mason Eckhart’s plan to buy the anomite computer virus from scientist Dr. Tork. Carl shot Shalimar as Mutant X attempted to keep the anomite from Lorna, but Brennan Mulwray recognized his former associate Tony Reese among Lorna’s team and tracked him to her apartment. Lorna seduced Brennan and conspired with him to sell the anomite to Mason. When Tony became jealous, Lorna murdered him. After an enchanted Brennan chose to protect Lorna over his former teammates, Adam Kane sent Shalimar to surreptitiously innoculate him with an anti-venom he had created from Carl’s blood. Seeing that her charms had become ineffective, Lorna stung Brennan, only to be knocked unconscious by Shalimar. GS agent Vance Halloran captured Lorna, but she gassed him before he could place a subdermal governor on her. The two eloped with the money in Genomex’s safe.

From Adam's diary on Tribune Entertainment's former Mutant X Lives website: LORNA TEMPLETON - Is it possible the Insect feral has finally manifested? Dr. Breedlove swore it was an impossible hybrid but nature seems to have proved him wrong. It obvious the females are the dominant deadly ones. They mate, they kill. I must study Brennan’s tainted DNA samples and come up with some combatants to Ms. Templeton’s venom before she crosses our path again. It also brings new light to how to handle Charlotte Cooke in the future. Why are beautiful women so deadly?

From the former website: WARNING: To All MALE Genomex Staff. There is a female New Mutant currently being pursued by the GSA who has exhibited a toxic mental hold over all men she comes in contact with. Reportedly, they lose all self-control and become, in a sense, her thralls. The subject, Lorna Templeton (security file being collected), has already taken down two topflight GSAgents (Ames and Halloran) set on her trail along with a host of Genomex associates who have succumbed to her unnatural powers of persuasion. While Mr. Eckhart has kept Templeton's capture a CODE RED priority, he warns that any further male employees who surrender to her feminine temptation, on or off the job, will suffer repercussions of the severest level. At the same time, he is drafting all qualified female GSAgents to resume the assignment. Dr. Harrison has classified Templeton as a Feral, type Insecta. Specifically, she is a scorpion hybrid capable of spraying mind-dominating venom from a stinger that emerges from beneath her skin. Besides this feature, she could also be described as dangerously attractive. As the existence of Insect Ferals has only recently come to light, all company labs have been put on 24-hour shifts to focus on the subject matter until further notice. All male staff members should be on the guard until Templeton has been apprehended and subdued. Not only are displays of common desire a direct hazard on this project, but also against Genomex policy in any situation. "There is no room for personal needs when the future is in one's hands." (Dr. Breedlove, May 1980).

Krista Allen

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