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Terra -- Played by Jeannette Roxborough


Mutant Type: Feral (Lupine).

First Appearance: "The Hand of God."

Quote: Carl: "What about me?"
Terra: "What about you? Did you really think I was going to deal with a punk like you?"

Details: Terra was the bounty hunter trying to capture the life-giving new mutant Kristoff before The Dominion. She and her partner shot down the Double Helix with a microwave weapon and promised to pay one of Kristoff's followers, Carl, to betray the location of Kristoff's hideout. Tracking the scent of Shalimar Fox's blood to the camp, Terra reneged on her deal with Carl, shooting him rather than paying him as promised. She fatally wounded Brennan Mulwray as he and Lexa Pierce attempted to prevent her from kidnapping Kristoff. As Kristoff healed Brennan, Shalimar defeated her in hand-to-hand combat, but Terra awoke and was about to shoot Shalimar in the back when Lexa killed her with a laser.

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Tags: mutant x bible
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