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Thatcher, Cole

Cole Thatcher -- Played by Daniel Petronijevic

Cole Thatcher.

First Appearance: "Divided Loyalties."

Quote: "One day. You're out of the joint one day and you're already getting more tail than me."

Details: Cole Thatcher was Brennan Mulwray’s former crime associate. As kids, he and Brennan pulled dangerous stunts like racing stolen cars on a frozen lake. Believing that Brennan had just been released from prison, Cole introduced Brennan to a gang of thieves which was stealing a disk containing The Dominion’s genetic research. The deal went sour when the gang’s leader, Ethan Poe, shot another gang member to keep the profits for himself. Brennan saved his friend’s life by electrocuting Ethan before giving Cole the money from the job so that he could sever ties with his life of crime and attain his dream of setting up a bar of his own.

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