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Thorne, Frank

Frank Thorne -- Played by Douglas O'Keefe

Frank Thorne.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Telekinetic).

First Appearance: "Shock of the New."

Quote: "Gosh. You're such a hot-shot telepath, you should've seen that coming."

Details: Frank Thorne was Mason Eckhart's right hand man at the time that the head of Genomex, Dr. Paul Breedlove, decided to give a public apology about his involvement in new mutant research. To preserve Genomex's veil of secrecy, Mason allowed Frank to murder Dr. Breedlove so that he could take control of the organization and officially create the Genetic Security Agency. Frank captured Brennan Mulwray and Ruby Bishop, frightening Ruby into revealing the location of the mutant safehouse behind his bookstore. Frank brought all the mutants in the safehouse to Genomex, but Adam Kane and Shalimar Fox rescued them and deactivated their subdermal governors. Once again fully charged, Brennan chased Frank out of Genomex, never to be seen again.

From Tribune Entertainment's former website: SECURITY ALERT: Thorne, Frank All Genomex systems are being set to track and apprehend former GSAgent FRANK THORNE. A telekinetic with an impaired psychological disposition, Thorne has been AWOL since the events of 10/13. He is believed to have a vindictive agenda towards all members of the agency and will strike at any level. Although plugged with a subdermal governor, it is appears to be deactivated or malfunctioning. Mr. Eckhart has advised Thorne be eliminated on sight. Capturing Thorne alive is NOT a necessity. This directive extends to all attached internal and relevent governmental departments and authorizes agents to act as GSA deputies in this exclusive circumstance. Data, visual composites, psych-profiles and psionic mutant analysis on Thorne to be forwarded to all departments and posted here, as it becomes available. WARNING: SUBJECT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS (Priority X)

Trivia: Frank Thorne is the name of a popular comic book artist.

Actor Douglas O'Keefe had worked with Lauren Lee Smith prior to Mutant X, in the pilot episode of the television series Dark Angel.

Many viewers have wondered why he fled from Brennan in that last scene of "I Scream the Body Electric," given the fact that his subdermal governor had been turned off and he could have tossed Brennan away like a rag doll with his telekinetic abilities. A couple of members on Douglas O'Keefe's fan forum had the opportunity to speak with the episode's director, Jon Cassar, who mentioned that Brennan was originally scripted to have killed Thorne, but that at the last minute, the director told Douglas to run out the back door instead...thus leaving the door open for a return of Thorne's character sometime in the future.

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