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Time Squared: Episode #203.

Tag: The Mutant X team must chase the evil Gabriel Ashlocke back in time in order to stop him from changing the present. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Elizabeth Keyishian; Directed by John Bell
Lindy Booth....Diana Moller (as Lindsay Booth)
Michael Easton....Gabriel Ashlocke
Christopher Jacot....Young Adam Kane
Joanne Marrella....Gabriel's Mother
Max Morrow....Young Gabriel Ashlocke
Doug Murray....Gabriel's Father
Derwin Philips....Policeman

Official Synopsis: Jesse (Forbes March) pursues the evil mutant Ashlocke (Michael Easton) from the Strand building, where he picked up a vial filled with a mysterious blue liquid. When Jesse loses him at an intersection, he radios Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt), who catch up with Ashlocke and follow him to the Ellison Psychiatric Ward. At Ellison, Ashlocke visits Diana Moller (Lindsay Booth), a mutant with the power of time travel, who is a patient at the hospital. Threatening Diana’s life, Ashlocke insists she use her powers to send him back to Oct. 13, 1978. As Diana raises her palm and creates a shimmering wall, Brennan and Shalimar appear and watch Ashlocke jump through the time travel hole. Without hesitation, the two also jump through the hole in hot pursuit. Ashlocke surfaces and immediately takes off. Moments later, Shalimar and Brennan surface and taking in their surroundings, realize they’ve traveled back in time and have landed on the construction sight of Ellison in 1978. In the present, Jesse enters Diana’s room and she tells him that it’s possible that the actions of Ashlocke, Brennan and Shalimar in the past could drastically alter the present. Forcing Diana to go with him to Sanctuary, Jesse radios Adam (John Shea) to tell him what’s happened. Meanwhile, Shalimar uses her feral senses to locate Ashlocke, who has just stolen a getaway car. When Brennan jumps on a nearby motorcycle and takes off after him, Shalimar spots a magazine at a newsstand with a cover story about Adam. Back in the present, Adam reveals that Oct. 13, 1978 was the day that Ashlocke was given a formula created by Adam to reduce his powers in an effort to make him more human. Adam knows that if Ashlocke drinks the blue potion while in the past, he will be unstoppable. Fearing for Brennan’s and Shalimar’s safety, Adam convinces Diana to use her powers to send him and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) into the past. Back in 1978, Shalimar goes to Genomex in search of the Young Adam (Christopher Jacot). Meanwhile, Brennan follows Ashlocke to his childhood home and watches as the evil mutant comes face to face with his parents, as well as the 10-year-old version of himself. Knowing that the blue liquid he possesses can be used to make the Young Ashlocke (Max Morrow) invincible, Ashlocke convinces his younger self to go with him to Genomex. Brennan follows but is sidetracked when he realizes he is being followed by two policemen. When Adam and Emma arrive in the past, Adam immediately goes in search of his younger self to warn him about the dangerous blue liquid. When he finds Young Adam, however, Ashlocke is already with him. Adam realizes that he is too late as Ashlocke has already given him the vial. An altercation ensues and Ashlocke sends a powerful psionic blast at Adam that instantly kills him. As a result of Adam’s death, the present immediately changes and Sanctuary begins to disappear. Jesse and Diana know that the only way to bring Adam back and prevent changing the present permanently is to travel back in time to the moments before Adam's death. In the past, Jesse uses his powers to redirect the psionic blast Ashlocke shoots at Adam. The blast bounces back and hits Ashlocke instead, knocking him unconscious. When the Mutant X team is reunited, Adam takes the blue vial from Young Adam. Diana then uses her powers to return the team to the present. Suddenly, Ashlocke awakens and follows the team into the hole. When Diana and the team resurface, they can feel Ashlocke’s presence, but are more concerned about getting Diana to safety. That night, Adam resolves to hunt down and defeat Ashlocke once and for all.

Quotes: Shalimar: We just traveled through time and you're telling me not to freak out?

Gabriel: I don’t have time to play games. I’m dying.
Diana: You don’t really think I care, do you?
Gabriel: I found a way to stay alive. Help me or die. October 13th 1978. Take me back.
Diana: You can’t tell anyone who you are, or it will affect the continuum.
Gabriel: Have I ever let you down before?
Diana: All the time.
Gabriel: When I get back, I’ll make it up to you.
Diana: Goodbye, Gabriel.

Shalimar: How much do we stand out?
Brennan: Well, this was the Me generation, so there’s a very good chance none of them are paying any attention to us.

Shalimar: What just happened?
Brennan: I don’t know. It just feels like my stomach got punched into my eyes.

Diana: Right now you are blaming me for something I have no control over. You don’t know Gabriel Ashlocke.
Jesse: I know him pretty well.
Diana: Well, then you know how he is. He’s overwhelming. When he and I were together, he was using me, and I knew it. He knew about my powers; he knew what I could do. That’s why I was hiding in the psych hospital.
Jesse: Sounds like that was the perfect place for you.
Diana: Look, I thought I would be safe there. I thought he couldn’t find me, but he did.
Jesse: What did you do to him?
Diana: I sent him away from me. Forever.

Emma: Why did Ashlocke choose that date in particular? Adam?
Adam: In October 1978, I arrived at Genomex to work on the patient zero project. I was the bright young star working at the hottest developmental facility in the world. And then, two weeks later, on October 13th, Gabriel Ashlocke’s parents brought him back into Genomex. They were convinced that Genomex was responsible for his extreme aggression. And hey were right. Genomex had no idea what kind of a child he was until they’d given him unlimited powers. Look at this. He’s out of control. Nobody knew what to do. And then I came along, right? I was the savior. I designed a procedure, a procedure to make him more humane, give him a conscience. I had no idea that my procedure would cause his genes to mutate and make him into more of a monster. 6 months later, Gabriel Ashlocke killed both his parents.
Emma: So Ashlocke went back to change something you did.
Adam: Yeah, he’s figured something out. And he’s engineered a way to keep himself alive.

Gabriel: You’re smaller than I remember.
Young!Gaby: Do I know you?
Gabriel’s father: Gabriel, who’s at the door?
Gabriel: Daddy.
Gabriel’s father: We’re not buying anything you’re selling, buddy. Now how many times have I told you not to let in strangers?
Gabriel: Hey, don’t talk to him that way.
Gabriel’s father: Excuse me? I’m his father.
Gabriel: Don’t I know it.
Gabriel’s mother: Is there a problem, honey?
Gabriel’s father: I’m dealing with it.
Gabriel: No. I am. [he kills his parents]
Young!Gaby: Nice shot!
Gabriel: There are days when I wish I had more patience.
Young!Gaby: I know just what you mean.

Gabriel: That is a filthy habit!
Young!Gaby: What do you care?
Gabriel: I still have this hacking cough.
Young!Gaby: What are you talking about?
Gabriel: You know how you can walk through walls? Jump off the Hallian’s roof without ever getting hurt?
Young!Gaby: How’d you know about that?
Gabriel: You know about Genomex, what they did to you, right?
Young!Gaby: Just what I stole from my file. I’m supposed to have an appointment there today.
Gabriel: They’re gonna do this procedure. It’s supposed to make you nicer, give you a conscience. The whole thing backfires. Turns you into some kind of freak. But this, this is going to make you invincible.

Young!Adam: You must be new here. Are you on the project now?
Shalimar: I’m with Dr. Breedlove’s office.
Young!Adam: Oh. He’s one lucky scientist. It’s funny that you’re here. I was hoping we’d run into each other again.
Shalimar: Really? Has Gabriel Ashlocke been in yet?
Young!Adam: No, his parents are bringing him in later.
Shalimar: Today? Oh.
Young!Adam: Wait, wait. Hold on. I was, uh, I was hoping maybe we could spend some time together, get to know each other a little?
Shalimar: Yeah, I think that we’ll have a lot of time to do that. But um, I should go and inform Dr. Breedlove, so I’ll do that. [she runs]

Cop: What’s your name?
Brennan: I’ve got lots of names.

Shalimar: It doesn’t matter what decade we’re in, they find you. Like sharks to surfers.

Brennan: So what’s young Adam like, anyway?
Shalimar: He’s not what I expected. He’s naive and sweet.
Brennan: Must be before his fall from grace.

Gabriel: I offered your younger self redemption. And he took it. I’m sorry you can’t handle that.
Adam: You don’t know what you’re doing.
Gabriel: You made me who I am. And now you want to deny me the chance to try to save myself?
Adam: We thought we were saving you.
Gabriel: No, you thought, Adam. Then your ego got out of hand. You thought you had a chance to create a race of superhumans and you took it.
Adam: That’s not the way it was!
Gabriel: Oh? I was your one big mistake. And now you’re gonna die knowing I’m gonna live on and on and on. And everything I do, I’ll do in your memory.

Brennan: If I do it now, he won’t feel a thing.
Emma: He’s Adam’s research. If you destroy him, you might destroy us.

Emma: When we were back there, something terrible happened to you.
Adam: I know. Jesse told me.
Emma: Oh. Well, after that, after I saw you dead, Brennan wanted to kill young Ashlocke and I stopped him.
Adam: Wait, so are you asking me if you did the right thing?
Emma: I couldn’t let him do it. He was still just this little boy lying there. But if I hadn’t stopped him, if Brennan had killed him, then what would have happened with you?
Adam: That’s a good question, I don’t know.
Emma: Well, would you have left Genomex? Stopped all your research?
Adam: Oh, c’mon, Emma. You saw what kind of person I was then. I thought everything I did was the solution to a lot of problems. And I didn’t think about the ramifications because I didn’t think I had to. But would I have left Genomex? I don’t know. Ashlocke was the first new mutant. And I learned a lot, and if I hadn’t made the mistakes with him, I might have made them with you.
Emma: I’m not a psychopath.
Adam: No. If you had been given all those powers, you might have become one.

Trivia & Nitpicks: Adam began at Genomex in October 1978; Gabriel’s parents returned him 2 weeks later on October 13th. Adam tried to give him a conscience, but because he overlooked a weakness in chromosome 19, his treatments only caused further mutation, shortening Gabriel’s lifespan and making him more of a monster. Gabriel murdered his parents six months later, at the tender age of ten.

Gabriel has a hacking cough from when he smoked as a child. Besides having DNA of each mutant type,

Gabriel also seems to have abilities from different subtypes of each mutant type. He demonstrates in this episode that in addition to the energy balls, he’s also an electrical elemental.

The first rainstorm in Mutant X occurs as Diana and Jesse are walking up to Sanctuary’s entrance.

Emma’s non-telempathic ability #14: As she enters young Adam’s Genomex lab, Emma sees impressions of what Gabriel did to Adam in the next room. Since Adam’s dead, these must either be coming from Gabriel’s mind, young Adam’s mind, or thin air.

As soon as Jesse sees Gabriel leave his house with a vial of blue liquid, he immediately knows Gabriel’s Up To No Good, since blue in Mutant X always signals something sinister. And besides, it's Gabriel.

The other cars on the highway are remarkably respectful of Gabriel and Jesse’s crazy driving. Even as they’re making high speed U-turns, everybody’s far too polite to honk or yell.

In the psych hospital, Gabriel flings an energy ball at Brennan. When it misses and hits the wooden door instead, the door suffers no adverse consequences whatsoever. They must make 'em pretty strong at the psychiatric institutions!

If Diana has to connect psionically with someone in order to send him or her back in time as she claims, how are Brennan and Shalimar able to simply jump in after Gabriel?

Brennan and Shalimar immediately leap into Diana’s vortex after Gabriel, even though neither has any idea of what it is, where they’ll end up, or how they'll get back. At least Jesse, running in seconds later, has enough sense to question Diana about where they went first.

Adam says that Gabriel's creators didn't know what kind of child he was when they gave him powers, implying that he was already a child when he became a new mutant. Yet in "A Breed Apart," Mason said that Gabriel's new mutant abilities were off the meter from the time he was born. Which is it?

As Shalimar begins tracking Gabriel’s scent the first time, it is definitely raining in the street behind Brennan. In the very next frame, the sun is shining again.

When Shalimar’s tracking Gabriel the second time, the hardware store behind her appears to be advertising white bread, while the confectionary is selling toilet paper. Go figure.

Signs that Shalimar’s been hanging around Brennan far too long: she swipes an employees’ Genomex ID by pretending to bump into her, then hotwires a car. Well, Zack Lockhart did say that she didn’t wear a halo when he knew her...

Security at Genomex must be pretty lax. Adam’s lab is supposed to be a restricted area, but both Shalimar and Emma walk right in. His file cabinet, which contains sensitive patient files, isn’t even locked.

Since Shalimar didn’t get a chance to read Gabriel’s file before young Adam walked in on her, how does she know to ask him when Gabriel’s coming to Genomex?

Is it just me or was Shal the slightest bit squicked at young Adam hitting on her?

Site directed mutagenesis is an in vivo technique for changing single base pairs in DNA in vivo. Not sure how it gets into the human genome. And given what New Mutants are, they would require mastery of it to create one. *eye roll* Cure for Ashlocke? Unlikely.

If Jesse’s already suspicious of her, why does Diana get to walk right up to Sanctuary’s entrance without a visual cloak?

Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Adam to ask Diana to send him back to the hour before Gabriel leapt in, or even the day before? That would give him enough time to warn his younger self about Gabriel’s plans.

Adam and Emma are in Sanctuary’s lab when they enter the vortex, but when they emerge in 1978, they are in the woods outside of Stormking mountain. Sanctuary is still inside the mountain, isn’t it? I mean, when Sanctuary starts to disappear after Adam’s death, Jesse and Diana find themselves trapped as the mountain grows in around them. Shouldn’t Adam and Emma have emerged in the middle of the mountain too?

Adam and Emma walk leisurely into the vortex, but come out tumbling on the other side as though they had leaped in as Shalimar and Brennan did.

Why does Sanctuary begin to disappear right after Adam's death? He had already built it years before he went into the vortex, so its existence should depend upon the continued life of his younger self, not his. Adam warns his younger self to do the procedure and then put young!Gabriel into stasis. But young!Adam had only been working at Genomex for two weeks at that point, so the stasis pods hadn't even been invented yet.

The first time Gabriel murders Adam, young!Adam’s watching behind him. Yet when Diana takes Jesse back to replay the scene, young!Adam’s no longer there.

Gabriel’s using his powers shouldn’t be so shocking to young!Adam, since he already knows what young!Gabriel is capable of. That’s the reason he was working on him in the first place.

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