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Tork, Dr.

Dr. Tork -- Played by Clyde Whitham

First Appearance: "Deadly Desire."

Quote: Vance: "Doesn't look like much."
Dr. Tork: "Looks can be deceiving. With the anomite in this case, you could easily infiltrate hundreds of computers. I've devoted ten years of my life to this project."
Vance: "Congratulations. It's about to pay off."

Details: Government scientist Dr. Tork invented the sophisticated computer virus, anomite. Believing that he was entitled to more money than the government was paying him, Dr. Tork made a deal with GS agent Vance Halloran to sell the anomite to Genomex. When the scorpion feral Lorna Templeton and her gang broke in on the transaction to steal the anomite, Mutant X tried to intervene. Dr. Tork was shot dead in the crossfire.

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