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Tricorp Botanical

Tricorp Botanical.

First Appearance: "Dark Star Rising."

Details: Headed by Dr. Kenneth Harrison, Tricorp Botanicals was an agricultural company working in tandem with Genomex to create new mutant ferals with extracts from the Rafflesia Pricei plant.

From Tribune Entertainment's former website: TRICORP BOTANICAL ID:22S8K04T7TR SUBJ: Tricorp Botanical AnnouncementDATE: Friday, ***. 11, **** 11:30 TO: All Genomex PersonnelFROM: Corporate Communications Department. As of 8/21, the biotech firm, TRICORP BOTANICAL, will be officially housed under the Genomex umbrella and considered one of the fold. Although the progressive company has been intertwined with Genomex for several years trading products and information on a regular basis, the formal acquisition has only come about in recent months with a sudden change in its administration. Much credit must be given to overseer Mason Eckhart for the push forward in negotiations. Headed by Dr. Kenneth Harrison, TRICORP BOTANICAL is a highly advanced technical organization that genetically extracts information and resources from plant-life, creating many a new genus as well as siphoning untapped potential out of mature ones. The Agency considers this addition a perfect compliment to Genomex's growing biological ranks and advises a warm reception for Dr. Harrison and his accomplished staff.

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