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TunnelQuest 2

Tunnel Quest 2.

First Appearance: "No Exit."

Quote: Sargeant Nolle: "So, soldier. You think you have what it takes to be a part of my Tunnel Quest team?"

Details: Jesse Kilmartin downloaded the interactive virtual computer game Tunnel Quest 2 on Sanctuary's computer. Prompted by Brennan Mulwray, he modified the players to resemble Shalimar Fox and Lexa Pierce, defending Sanctuary from a raid by black-ops soldiers. Lexa and Shalimar forced Jesse to delete the game when they discovered their teammates ogling half-dressed images of them, but the vengeful cybernetic mutant William Dennett had already connected himself with Sanctuary's system along with the program. Using Sanctuary's defense system against them, William separated the team and almost succeeded in killing Jesse and Brennan. After Shalimar and Lexa cut off William's access, they returned to Sanctuary and bought Jesse a gag present: Tunnel Quest 3. Not amused, Jesse encouraged Brennan to destroy the game.

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