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Underground, The New Mutant

The New Mutant Underground.

First Appearance: "Shock of the New."

Details: Adam Kane created the New Mutant Underground to resemble a witness protection program, where new mutants could remain hidden from the GSA by taking on new identities. The Underground apparently remained healthy even after the death of Genomex and disappearance of its main financial backer, Adam.

From Tribune Entertainment's former Mutant X Lives website: ...Know Your Underground
Most of our community knows the four champions of Mutant X (Shalimar Fox, Jesse Kilmartin, Emma DeLauro and Brennan Mulwray). The team, however, extends to names and faces that are not as familiar. The members that run the Underground play just as important a role out of the limelight. Many remain anonymous for their own safety, but there are some we all come in contact with on a regular basis who could use the recognition. Here’s a bit more about them:
RUBY BISHOP: The highly tuned telepath who owns “My Friend’s Bookstore”, a major information hub and entry station for the Underground Railroad. One of the oldest and most experienced New Mutants on record, Ruby’s passion for literature is equaled by his compassion to help others, particularly victims of mutant hatred. Without his ingenious contributions, Mutant X would never have been able to extend itself from Stormking Mountain to safe houses all over the globe. Perpetual bachelor and keeper of many secrets, Ruby might be soft in the belly but not in spirit. He’s an educator, counselor and warrior in his own right. Recent events involving Genomex have forced him to take some time off, but he wants it known he is always in the game and on top of the next thought.

ALISON TURNER: One of Adam’s original recruits for Mutant X, this elegant telekinetic chose instead to become a major “conductor” of the Underground Railroad. Many owe their lives to Alison’s bravery. She has proven time and time again to not only move objects with her mind, but large groups of hunted New Mutants to new lives with her common sense. When asked why she turned down Adam’s offer to join the main team, Alison answers, “I wanted a family. You can’t do that as a superhero. To me, the fight has always been about being normal. That’s where I put my energy.”

VINCE MEISEL: This Molecular mechanic from Detroit has the reputation for being able to fix any gadget, machine or form of transport in record time. His natural gifts involve accelerated motion but his talents are all about engines. Vince is a guy of few words (he lets his feral fiancée do most of the talking) but his actions speak volumes. There’s scarcely a piece of equipment in Mutant X that does not have his stamp on it.

NEAL CUDDAHY: You won’t catch this guy falling asleep on the job. Neal is a Molecular whose body processes energy so he doesn’t require sleep. A professional driver, his non-stop midnight truck runs have transported hundreds of New Mutants and needed supplies to safe houses all over the country. Low key and fond of Jimmy Buffet tunes, Neal has only one complaint: “It’s lonely when you’re the only one awake.”

RICK BELLAMY: A victim of the recent New Mutant virus, Rick left us far too soon. A powerful wind Elemental with charisma to match, many will not forget his friendly face and dedicated courage serving as a “conductor” in the Underground Railroad. Memorials have been set up for his wife, Linda, and their unborn child (due in June) in care of this site or “My Friend’s Bookstore".

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