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Valentine, Corbin

Corbin Valentine -- Played by Rod Wilson.

First Appearance: "Crime of the New Century."

Quote: Corbin: "Trust me, Josh. Your mom and I want to give you the best. We just want--"
Josh: "You want me not to be a freak."
Corbin: "Please, Josh. You need help, buddy."
Josh: "Mom was helping me. You just want to get rid of me."

Details: Astronaut Corbin Valentine was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor when he saved a shuttle crew after they crashed into a French space station. His psionic wife Lisa secretly arranged to have their new mutant son Josh kidnapped to prevent Corbin from taking him to Genomex to be “neutralized,” but Mutant X unknowingly returned Josh to his father. Corbin slipped Lisa a sleeping pill and drove him to Genomex, where he quickly learned that they had no intention of helping him. Using his thermal abilities, Josh rescued his father from GS agent Wendy Stone, and the two were reunited with Lisa at Sanctuary.

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