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Valentine, Josh

Josh Valentine -- Played by Marc Donato

Joshua Valentine.

Mutant Types: Elemental (Thermal tranfer).

First Appearance: "Crime of the New Century."

Quotes: Mason: "What do you think of my world?"
Josh: "I think it sucks."

Details: Josh was the son of the famous astronaut Corbin Valentine and his telepath wife Lisa. Fearing that Corbin's discomfort with new mutants might lead him to harm Josh, Lisa hired the kidnapper Burke to keep him from his father. Unaware of this, Emma deLauro used Josh's psychic connection to Lisa to locate the boy, returning him to his parents before GS agent Wendy Stone could catch him. Corbin, hoping that his son could be 'cured,' drugged Lisa and took Josh to Genomex, where he was placed in special observation clinic 6. Emma and Lisa once again combined their psionic abilities to track him. When Jesse Kilmartin and Brennan Mulwray arrived to rescue Josh, Wendy held Corbin hostage, but Josh made the gun too hot to hold by channeling his abilities as he had watched Brennan do. Josh was reunited with his family, looking forward to reconciliation.

From Tribune Entertainment's faux website, The Midnight Press: ASTRONAUT'S SON KIDNAPPED AND RETURNED; MUTANT COVER-UP CITED New mutant or normal boy? Questions still surround his kidnapping and his astronaut father's involvement in a cover-up. Washington DC -- Few personalities have received the positive accolades of Major Corbin Valentine, hero of the space shuttle Evolution crisis that occurred almost a decade ago. However, the averted tragedy that nearly befell the all American idol last month seems to have cast a shadow on his previously glowing reputation. Major Valentine and his wife, Lisa, experienced a parent's worst nightmare when their ten-year-old son, Joshua, was kidnapped from their well appointed home in the middle of the night. FBI agents responded quickly and the boy was returned unharmed without a ransom being paid. The body of his alleged kidnapper, identified as career-criminal Edward Burke, was later found crushed to death in a collapsed building. Authorities describe the inopportune death as "an unrelated coincidence" that occurred before Burke could be apprehended and interrogated. What remains in question is the exact reason young Joshua was abducted. Major Valentine is said to have been a contender for the upcoming senate race but had as of yet to throw his hat into the ring. Without political pull and the obvious financial motives passed over, one can only look at the actual child himself and ask: what was unique enough to take him away from his family? "Josh is a show-off," discloses an anonymous classmate at the exclusive Seton Academy where the Valentines send their son to school. "He's always playing pranks, giving kids hot-foots and stuff like that." To this, the Midnight Press feels obliged to solicit was the boy giving hotfoots or creating them? Is Joshua Valentine a mutant? If so, did that make him a target for gene-splicing kidnappers? Sources report that Major Valentine has taken his son to a series of doctors, psychiatrists and the occasional spiritual healer over the last year and a half although nothing appears to be physically wrong with the boy. At least, nothing natural. Abbie Blossom, former cleaning lady to the Valentines, has described to the Midnight Press exclusively a harrowing incident where Joshua started a fire in his bedroom. "He was having an argument with his mother when, all of a sudden, his bedspread went up in flames!" After witnessing the incident, Mrs. Blossom was let go as an employee with three months severance pay. The FBI has made no comment on the matter since Joshua Valentine was reunited. Curiously enough, the lead investigator used on the case, Wendy Stone, was a regular bureau agent but an "attaché specializing in unique circumstances". Speculating what these circumstances could be also points to a genetic scandal. Although none of the mutant suspicions have been substantiated, the following events have transpired since the fateful abduction: Major Valentine has announced he will not seek political office any time soon; the Valentines have separated and sought counseling; Joshua has been removed from Seton and said to be attending a "special school" while he deals with his trauma. A golden family tarnished by the legacy of tainted DNA.

Trivia: It isn't entirely clear why Josh is an elemental, given the fact that his mother is a psionic and his father isn't a mutant. Perhaps that's what makes him such a "special little boy."

Marc Donato

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