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Varady, Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura Varady.

Details: Though she never appeared in the show itself, Laura Varady was the name of Genomex's chief psychologist, according to Tribune Entertainment's faux website In this capacity, she wrote several psychological profiles on Mason Eckhart and other Genomex employees. Dr. Varady took over the position from the former Genomex staff psychologist, Dr. Peter Van Hobson.

Dr. Varady's emails from Psychological Profiles TO: Mason Eckhart, Genomex Head FROM: Dr. Laura Varady, Staff Psychologist.

Mason, Here are the cursory one-liners you wanted for the top ten candidates of your Elites. I've provided my own comments as well with an "aye" or "nay" in most cases. Be careful with them, Mason, or you'll have another "Thorne" in your side.

Nick Renfield Elemental Creates stasis fields Immature, impressionable. Be patient.
Wendy Stone Molecular Gravitative Perpetual "A" student. YES.
Kendra MacEvoy Psionic Super Strength Psionic not feral, hence ego. NO.
Julian Vaughan Feral Reptilian Chilling intellect with venom. NO.
Eli Lynch Elemental Human vacuum Guarded. Advanced paranoid. YES.
Charles Marlowe Molecular Invulnerability Sociopath. Anarchist streak. NO.
Calvin Porter Molecular Super hearing Opportunist. High IQ. YES.
Taylor Fife Molecular Sonic enhancement Again, too young and naive. WAIT.
Marni Hedren Psionic Prognostic Sleeping Beauty. Narcoleptic. NO.
Aldous Berkley Feral Canine He's a dog, Mason! NO.

By the way, you might be interested to know your own psych-evaluation came back without a hitch. I thought it was appropriate to mention. -Laura

May 19th, 09:05AM TO: Bureau Director Marston FROM: Dr. Laura Varady, Genomex Psychiatrist RE: Gabriel Ashlocke. Sir, As you can imagine the recent takeover has left many Genomex employees on edge. I for one, however, think that freeing the mutants is exactly the direction we should have taken. Of course I am somewhat disturbed about Mason Eckhart's fate, but feel it is a semi-positive sign that Mr. Ashlocke did not simply put him to death. Psychologically, this act gives me hope for the young man now in charge. Speaking of which, Mr. Ashlocke has requested that I give him the customary psych-evaluation this afternoon and then forward my results to your office. Again I find this encouraging. He phoned me himself and was extremely polite. Not a monster or tyrant at all. I do not believe he is out to destroy mankind in any way, shape or form (as Mason often suggested he would). Gabriel's chief concern appears to have been for the welfare of his fellow New Mutants. Now that they are safe, he seems to want to attend to Genomex business as usual. While most of my co-workers are dreading their scheduled interviews with this unique specimen, I am looking forward to mine. I have no doubt I'll be able to reason with him and learn just how the awakened mind of a four-category New Mutant works after twenty-five years in stasis. It should be enough material to fill a book. Perhaps I'll write one when this is over. Laura

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