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Voight, Henry

Henry Voight -- Played by Justin Louis

Henry Voight.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Telempath).

First Appearance: "Nothing to Fear."

Quote: Mason: "You do a very good impression of me. The look, the behavior, the choice of language."
Henry: "You're just more obvious and predictable than you'd like to think."

Details: Henry could infect a person's dreams through touch. His intense vendetta against Mutant X was born when his GS agent wife Brianna vanished after an encounter with them. Mason Eckhart harnassed his anger, hoping to obtain Sanctuary's access codes by encouraging Henry to draw the Mutant X members one by one into terrifying dreamscapes where each faced his or her worst fear. Adam Kane's frantic research revealed that Brianna was in fact alive and podded in Genomex's Section 9. Once Henry confirmed that fact by pulling Mason into his own nightmare, he released Mutant X.

From Adam's diary on Tribune Entertainment's Mutant X Lives website: HENRY VOIGHT - An advanced Empath, Voight can tear through dreams like a dagger through flesh. He nearly brought down both Mutant X and Genomex. Now he roams free claiming to be pacified. Any wonder I have trouble sleeping at nights?

Dr. Laura Varaday's report from Tribune Entertainment's website: Post-Trauma Report: Eckhart, Mason re: attack by subject, Voight. TO: Bureau Chief C. Marston CC: D. Wall, E. Brody FROM: Dr. Laura Varady, Genomex Psychologist. After studying a week's worth of data and examining Mr. Eckhart on three different occasions over the last few days, I can safely report that the psionic invasion of his psyche did no permanent damage. He is in complete control of his faculties and should have no problem resuming his full roster of responsibilities at Genomex. This diagnosis comes as a huge relief considering the potential destruction New Mutant Henry Voight (Genomex security file #EOG7713PVH) could have inflicted on anyone's mental health with the ability to takeover a victim's subconscious and trigger their inner most fears. Mr. Eckhart was subjected to an ongoing onslaught of psychic assault from which he was not able to awaken. Psionic Empath Voight played out Mason's recurring nightmare of having his vulnerable immunity system exposed to devastating filth and squalor over and over in his head. A lesser man would have been emotionally crippled and risked, at the very least, heart failure. I am pleased to state, however, that Mr. Eckhart seems to have bypassed all of this. Aside from his out-of-character edict not to have the GSA pursue Mr. Voight, leaving capture status at CODE YELLOW, there is nothing usual or effected in his thought processes. While on the subject, should New Mutant Voight ever return to Genomex, I would certainly like a crack at examining him. His psionic prowess is extremely rare and could be immensely valuable, if conditioned to be used with discrete purpose. Henry Voight can dictate an average man's dreams, which are a dangerously underrated state of behavioral. consciousness. He is every psychiatrist's aspiration. Concluding, let me reaffirm Mr. Eckhart's complete recovery over would-be emotional wreckage. This solid inner core should, once again, prove he is the right man to head Genomex. Not many could survive nightmare rats crawling through their skulls. Mason has and appears to be stronger for it. As usual he has refused any stress medication, but I believe has asked Dr. Harrison to reline the layers of his daily exo-skin. If that is the extent of his post-neurosis, we are all in safe, gloved hands.

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