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Vosberg, Skeet

Skeet Vosberg -- Played by Rob Stefaniuk

Skeet Vosberg.

Mutant Type: Elemental (Botanical--defoliation).

First Appearance: "Altered Ego."

Quote: Skeet: "Defoliation. It's no big deal in the city, of course, but--"
Mason: "Tell me about Charlote Cooke."
Skeet: "We hung out in high school. She's pretty hot, but I was the only one who--"
Lynch: "Just tell him about the girl."

Details: A new mutant who could defoliate plants, Skeet was the high school acquaintance of Charlotte Cooke whom she bullied with her morality-altering abilities. Mutant X saved Charlotte when the GSA burst into the apartment the two shared, but Skeet was taken for questioning. Threatened with suffocation by GS agent Eli Lynch, Skeet obediantly delivered Charlotte's whereabouts. His cooperation was not rewarded with freedom, though he did gloat when Charlotte realized the truth about the GSA.

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