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Wallington, Warden John

John Wallington -- Played by Gary Hudson

Warden John Wallington.

First Appearance: "Hard Time."

Quote: "We put our lives on the line every day by being in the same cages with these animals. Let’s just call it compensation for work no one else wants to do, shall we?"

Details: Hillview State Penitentiary's warden, John Wallington, believed in criminal reform until he was nearly killed in a prison riot. Embittered by the experience, he teamed up with Dr. Nigel Rigas to boost inmate’s aggressive tendencies with Dr. Rigas’s experimental ST1277 steroid so they could turn a profit from private prisoner-on-prisoner gladiator tournaments. Working undercover as a graduate student intern, Emma deLauro uncovered the steroid; when the warden recognized Emma in the crowd at that night's bout, she hit him with a psionic blast. Both Wallington and Rigas were jailed for their crimes.

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