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Walker Project, The

The Walker Project.

First Appearance: "Body and Soul."

Details: Created by Genomex doctors Dennis Malone, Leo McAllister, and Mark Kearney, The Walker Project was an experiment designed to streamline the abilities of several astral projecting subjects for undercover government operations. One of these subjects was teenager Cyrus Payton, whose soul one day travelled so far from his own body that it died. Rather than find him a new body, Dr. Malone trapped him in electrical stasis until he escaped in "Body and Soul."

From Mutant X Lives: ...The Walker Project.... The name is misleading. “Walker” is not anybody’s name, but a euphemism for “sleepwalker”. Sit back, darling, and I’ll explain. This unfortunate exercise was commissioned to Genomex by the military of a weapons-hungry administration several elections back (I’m sure you can guess which one). Its intended purpose was to modify a human subject to be able to take over the body of another. In essence, giving them the ultimate ability to infiltrate virtually any force, government or otherwise. Consider the possibilities. The right person could take over the wife of a Prime Minister, the child of a political rival, or the President’s right hand man. Connect the dots and you have the ideal assassin. An “astral killer”, as it were, or a “sleepwalker”. The invaded victims would longer be in control of his or her mind and actions. The walker’s time in their bodies would eventually consume them leaving only a dried-out husk, but seemed a small price for such an affective knife-in-the-back. “Sigh”. Don’t blame me. I voted Democratic that year. Of course, the number one candidates for “walkers” were New Mutants. Young Moleculars with phasing potential (like your own prodigy, Master Kilmartin) were selected and given “treatments” by Malone’s in-house Genomex crew (himself, Leo McAllister, Mark Kearney and a few others). The tests were disastrous and the project was dropped (I’ll spare you the gory photos, Adam, but let’s just say you owe me big for having to sort through them. I’m off red meat again). While it appears that none of the subjects survived, I’ve siphoned out their names so you can cross-reference with your New Mutant database (Giddens, E.; Morley S.; Payton, C.; Steed, T.; Webster, W.). Officially, they are all deceased, but if one actually became a “walker” it wouldn’t be the first time an outgoing administration kept a secret from an incoming one. Keep me up to speed on this one and I’ll keep digging on my end.

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