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Whiter Shade of Pale

Mutant X Episode Synopses

Whiter Shade of Pale: Episode #111.

Tag: Adam must save the lives of an old flame and her daughter. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Tony DiFranco; Directed by Terry Ingram
Christopher Bolton....Aldous Berkley
Xuan Fraser....Neil Cuddahy
Sarah Gadon....Catherine Hartman
Guylaine St-Onge....Danielle Hartman

Official Synopsis: Adam (John Shea) has developed a prototype Genetic Sequencer. If his associate, Dr. Hollis, can replicate it, the technology can be used to help restore the DNA of ailing mutants. Before it gets to Hollis, however, an invisible stealth mutant steals the Sequencer. Aldous Berkley (Christopher Bolton), a feral new mutant hoping for a steady gig with Genomex, alerts Eckhart (Tom McCamus) of the heist. The stealth mutant, not the Sequencer, piques Eckhart's interest. Meanwhile, Adam conducts a blood test on a sample found at the crime scene. It indicates that the perpetrator is a female whose DNA is in an advanced stage of deterioration. Via the device's tracking system, Adam discovers the thief is his long lost lover, Danielle Hartman (Guylaine St. Onge). They had met at Genomex 16 years before, when Danielle was struggling with her developing mutancy. Adam fell in love with her, but she mysteriously disappeared. In actuality, it was a jealous Eckhart who suggested to Danielle that she would spend her life as Adam's lab experiment if she stayed with him. Adam tracks down Danielle and the Sequencer, but Berkley and his GS agents interrupt their reunion. Danielle makes herself invisible to avoid capture, but not before hastily arranging a rendezvous with Adam, then leaving him to battle Berkley alone. Although Berkley escapes with the Sequencer, Eckhart berates him for letting the stealth mutant slip through his fingers, especially when he learns it is his beloved Danielle. When Danielle and Adam reconnect, she asks him about Ephenol, a drug proven to halt DNA mutation. Adam warns her that the side effects can be severe, but Danielle is willing to risk it, as she has a 15-year-old daughter, Catherine (Sarah Gadon), to consider. The news comes as a shock to Adam who secretly wonders if he could be the girl's father. Eckhart is also informed about Catherine, and wonders about the girl's paternity. He reasons that Catherine should be the focus of their search, as Danielle is nearing the end of her life. Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) have already found Catherine, however, and brought her back to Sanctuary where Danielle is reeling after an injection of Ephenol. Sadly, Adam knows that the drug has merely bought Danielle some time, and refuses her pleas for more. Danielle sees no choice but to seek out help from Eckhart. Eckhart turns down her request when she refuses his duplicitous offer to help Catherine as well. Realizing she was wrong to trust Eckhart, Danielle tries to escape, but quickly finds herself overcome by GS agents. Back at Sanctuary, Adam has figured out a way to help Danielle and Catherine. If he can recombine Catherine's DNA with her mother's, he might be able to arrest and reverse Danielle's breakdown and save Catherine from the same fate. He needs to find Danielle and the Genetic Sequencer. With help from Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March), Adam rescues Danielle, while Emma tracks the Sequencer to a local hotel bar and seduces the clueless Berkley into handing it over. Adam's experiment on Danielle and Catherine works perfectly. As the women prepare to relocate to a new home where they'll be safe from Eckhart, Danielle gently tells Adam that Catherine is not his daughter. She promises, however, that once she has raised her child, there will be plenty of time for them to rekindle their relationship.

Mason: Ah, the informant Aldon Berkley.
Aldous Berkley: It's Aldous!

Brennan: How'd it go?
Adam: Didn't.
Shalimar: Hey, did you find the sequencer?
Adam: No.
Jesse: I've been trying to reach you--
Adam: Turned off my comlink.
Emma: Is everything okay?
Adam: Got my ass kicked.
Jesse: I'm just gonna--uh--
Shalimar: Yeah, I'll help you.

Danielle Hartman: It was the wind that did me in?
Adam: Twice. When it blew the leaves that revealed your arm, and when it carried your fragrance to me.
Danielle: You always knew how to touch me, Adam.

Emma: What are you looking at?
Adam: The DNA from that blood sample.
Emma: Her chromosomes look splintered.
Adam: Yeah.
Emma: That woman that stole the sequencer. She wasn't just a Child of Genomex. She meant a lot to you, huh?
Adam: Are you scanning me?
Emma: There's no need. You're an open book.
Adam: Yeah. Her name is Danielle Hartman. I met her 16 years ago at Genomex. She was still struggling with her "gift." I fell in love with her.
Emma: So what happened?
Adam: I think she knew her life span was going to be limited. I guess she just didn't want to get tied down.
Emma: You guess? You never talked to her about it?
Adam: No, never had the chance. She just disappeared.

Mason: You failed to detect her presence even with infra-red goggles?
Aldous Berkley: We didn't have goggles that time.
Mason: I think it's time we reassign this case to a more experienced squad leader.
Aldous: You need someone as connected as me on your team!
Mason: It seems your connections only get you so far. After that, competence--or lack of it-- comes into play.

Adam: So, have I changed as much as this place has?
Danielle Hartman: You haven't changed a bit.
Adam: That's my line.
Danielle: Then we'd both be lying.
Adam: You're still very beautiful. You know what's happening?
Danielle: Exactly as you predicted.
Adam: So why haven't you come to see me?
Danielle: The way I left, I thought you'd hate me.
Adam: Well, I did, for a time. So why'd you just leave like that?
Danielle: After what Mason told me I didn't have much choice.
Adam: What'd he tell you?
Danielle: That Genomex was everything to you. If I stayed, I'd spend my life as your lab experiment.
Adam: And you believed him? You didn't see that that was his jealousy talking?
Danielle: I trusted Mason. And so did you.
Adam: Once upon a time.
Danielle: I knew you'd never accept the inevitable. I wanted to enjoy the time I had, not pine away over some miracle cure that wasn't going to happen.
Adam: Yeah. So you made a decision for both of us.

Emma: You know, I'm not comfortable with this.
Shalimar: What? If Adam finds out, we'll know...tell him that we were looking for...evidence.
Emma: Yeah, well, let's hope Adam doesn't find out. [looks at Shal's puppy dog eyes] Okay.

Emma: This is breaking and entering, you know.
Shalimar: It's all for a good cause.
Emma: Snooping into Adam's private life?
Shalimar: Look. He hasn't seen or heard from this woman in 16 years. We don't know what she's after.
Emma: Oh, I see. So we're doing this for his protection.
Shalimar: Yes.
Emma. [looks at Shal's puppy dog eyes] Okay.

Catherine Hartman: Who the hell are you?
Emma: We're...
Shalimar: ...friends. Of your mother's.
Emma: Yeah.

Danielle Hartman: What about Ephenol?
Adam: Ephenol? No. Does more harm than good.
Danielle: Mason thought it had a lot of promise.
Adam: Well, Mason doesn't know what he's talking about. Ephenol has never been successfully administered.
Danielle: But it's proven to halt DNA mutation.
Adam: It's also proven to have serious side effects.
Danielle: Fine. The right dosage on the right subject.
Adam: Danielle, it's too risky.
Danielle: I'm willing to take the risk.
Adam: There's got to be another way.
Danielle: I don't have time to find another way. I've gotta do this for Catherine.
Adam: Catherine?
Danielle: My daughter.
Adam: How old is she?
Danielle: She just turned 15. I passed my mutancy on to her. I don't want her to go through this.

Emma: Adam's doing everything he can to help your mom.
Catherine Hartman: There's nothing he can do. My mother knows she's dying and she's trying to help me.
Emma: Do you have any other family?
Catherine: We're it.
Emma: What about your father?
Catherine: Not in the picture. Never was.
Emma: Did your mother ever tell you anything about him?
Catherine: All she ever said was that he was really smart. And that for a little while, they loved each other very much.

Aldous Berkley: There's been a development. She's got a daughter.
Mason: Does the daughter have stealth capabilities?
Aldous: It's possible. We didn't see her. Heh-heh.

Jesse: If they're testing it, then why's it moving?
Adam: Good question. I don't have the faintest idea.
Brennan: Well, that's refreshing. At least it reminds us that you're still human.

Catherine Hartman: Whatever my mother's done, she did it for me. So I guess that makes this as much my fault is it is hers.
Adam: That's not true. If anyone's responsible for what's happened to her, it's me.
Catherine: You?
Adam: Going back to when she first came to me for treatment.
Catherine: You mean...if you hadn't gotten together back then, I wouldn't be here?

Emma: You really shouldn't drink in public.

Mason: I'm torn, Danielle, between the feelings we once shared and the exigencies of the work has thrust upon me. Unfortunately, today's realities preclude yesterday's romances.

Adam: She's coming with me.

Mason: Eggs, bacon, cheese and cream. Satan's four major food groups. I don't know what's going to kill me first: the nitrates in the bacon, the fat in cheese and cream, or the cholesterol in the eggs. But we only live once, don't we? You haven't touched your dinner, Mr. Berkley.
Aldous Berkley: Actually not that hungry.
Mason: One thing you should know about me. I don't like to eat alone.

Mason: My compliments to the chef.

Trivia & Nitpicks: Brennan is a caffeine addict and spends about $50 a week on coffee. If he needs that much, why doesn't he just get a coffee maker for Sanctuary? (Apparently he's so out of it pre-fix that he lets Jesse and Neil do the heavy lifting.)

Notable guest appearances: Christopher Bolton, who played Kirk on My Secret Identity--he played the in-the-dark best friend to the super hero. Now he's an evil Feral--has he moved up in the world? At least in MSI he was a main character.

The actress who played Danielle Hartman, Guylaine St. Onge, died of cervical cancer March 3rd 2005. She was just 38 years old.

Emma’s non-telempathic ability #8: She makes poor Aldous actually believe he’s on fire. Spontaneous combustion? Not an emotion.

Adam says that the genetic sequencer is of no use to Mason, only to mutants who are actively mutating. Why not? Since subdermal governors aren’t effective on mutants who are actively mutating (like Ashley Elliot in “Lit Fuse”), even I can see why Mason might be interested in such a device.

Adam's description of Danielle's powers sounds eerily like Lexa's. Is it possible that Lexa and Leo are half siblings to Catherine--and Adam's children? (As good a theory as to their “special relationship” as anything.)

Shalimar gets protective of Adam and wants to check up on Danielle since Adam hasn't seen her in 16 years. This seems a bit much, but is very lucky for Catherine.

Adam and Eckhart were rivals for Danielle's affections. Catherine is not Adam's child, but her father was "really smart." Oh dear, is that poor girl carrying around half of Mason's DNA?

Also, Catherine's conversation with Emma appears to take place on that observation deck from the first couple of episodes. Go figure.

Danielle gets a much more comfortable bio bed than Brennan did in "Russian Roulette."

Emma gets the sequencer back single-handedly, and with style. She rocks, when she wants to. (She also orders an Amaretto Sour, but doesn't drink it. I'm presuming this is an alcoholic drink--just wait for it, for now.)

Danielle moved upstate after leaving Genomex. Has anyone heard this term applied to anywhere other than New York State?

During the fight to get Danielle away from the GSA, Brennan accidentally hits massed out Jesse with an arc. This doesn't seem to phase him in the least, if you'll pardon the pun.

When Catherine disappears and heads off to find her mother in the lab, Brennan says, “Been here before.” What’s he talking about? Has Catherine been at Sanctuary before? Has Brennan seen a stealth mutant before?

Shalimar's feral vision allows her to see the invisible Lexa in "Into the Moonless Night" because she gives off heat even when she's invisible. Catherine presumably gives off heat as well (Aldous is able to see Danielle with infrared goggles), yet Shalimar's unable to see her when she becomes invisible in Sanctuary.

In the tag: Brennan gets Catherine's bag--given the conversation that Adam and Danielle have after they leave the room, my guess is he's thinking little sister. Catherine, however, is clearly thinking something else as she does the cute little fifteen year old flirting with a much older guy thing. (This is cute, and not creepy, because Brennan rather politely makes it clear that nothing's happening.)

If you can figure out what this episode's title has to do with the episode itself, do let us know.

Ep Tally. Topless Brennan: 0 Adam Kisses: 3 Freak mentions: 0 Food intake: 1 (Adam’s wine)

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