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Wiley, Todd

Todd Wiley -- Played by Kevin Jubinville

Todd Wiley.

Mutant Type: Molecular (Propulsive--super-speed).

First Appearance: "The Meaning of Death."

Quote: Todd: "We've been here a few hours. If we were gonna get sick, chances are it would've happened by now. You follow me?"
Brennan: "Yeah, I think I follow you."
Todd: "Fantastic! So I say we may as well get the hell outta here."
Brennan: "Hmm... No."

Details: Todd and Jerri Wiley were unhappily married when Brennan and safehouse operator Rick Bellamy ushered them into the new mutant underground. As they waited in a safehouse, Rick developed the first signs of the deadly Cladosporium illness, so Adam advised that Brennan remain in quarantine with the couple. During the course of their internment, Brennan discovered that each had unwittingly been carrying on an extramarital affair with a GS agent. By the time a cure had been found for the disease outbreak, the couple had reconciled their differences and went into the underground ready to give their marriage another try.

From Tribune Entertainment's former website, The Midnight Press: COUPLE MISSING AS HEALTH OFFICALS DENY OUTBREAK OF FATAL MUTANT VIRUS
Victims of a deadly virus or new mutants on the run? The Surgeon General has denied any such virus exists. Washington, DC -- The Surgeon General and spokespeople from the National Institute of Health held a brief press conference last week to officially put an end to a circuit of rumors that alleged a deadly strain of virus, lethal only to genetically engineered human beings, was ravishing the country. "We have enough medical issues to focus on without creating hype that perpetuates this mutant nonsense," S.G. Hudson charged. "Spreading word of any type of virus is dangerous enough. It could create a nationwide panic. To let this happen over pure comic book fancy is appalling to me." "It borders on irresponsibility even to acknowledge these fairy tales," added NIH head, Dr. Gerald Drake. "But things have gotten too out of hand for us not to make a statement." Despite the official denouncement, many still believe that the disease felled their mutant friends and neighbors. Sandra Green-Ives of Providence, RI informed the Midnight Press of one such case. "The Wileys down the street from us just disappeared when this virus talk started. No one has seen them in weeks." Todd and Jeridanne "Jerri" Wiley, a young, middle class couple who leased a condominium on the Ives' suburban cul-de-sac have not been in contact with any of the associates or co-workers they use to see on a daily basis. A trace on them, initiated by the Midnight Press, has come up blank. Although Wiley, a cars salesman, and his wife, a paralegal, have not been officially reported missing, few in their community doubt that they were mutants. "He was just too fast, always running, and she seemed to be constantly ogling my husband as if his Brooks Brothers suit was see-thru," describes Mrs. Green-Ives. "I've no doubt they were weirdoes and am glad they're gone…but I hope they didn't die a horrible death," she quickly adds. Local authorities have stated that the Wileys are off on an extended second honeymoon and have not been the victims of any plague "mutant or otherwise". The neighbors feel differently. "They were headed for a divorce, if anything," Mrs. Green-Ives insists, "I'm certain the mutie pox did them in and their bodies were hauled off to a quarantine in the night." The mystery of the Wileys is among dozens where suspicious types have vanished from every day life. "A mutant plague is not an unreasonable conclusion," declares specialist Dr. Garrett Segall, "The government would elect to keep it under wraps as they do the fact of mutant kind in our general population." Dr. Segall also notes that such an illness would have no effect on normal DNA. "We're safe," he assures. But if mutants walk among us, are we really? *Our editors ask your help in verifying the existence of mutants and any illness they might suffer from or spread.

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